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May 21, 2008 03:00 PM

should i use eggology egg whites in angel food cake?

I'm thinking about making an angel food cake, but the thought of separating all those whites does not excite me. Has anyone ever used eggology egg whites in an angel food cake recipe? If so, did they whip up like separated eggs? Did your cake rise nicely in the oven? How did your cake taste? Any other tips to share?


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  1. Happy to report that Eggology are the only egg whites we use for angel food cakes and meringue. They whip the perfectly and our customers would know if we used subpar ingredients.

    1. I went through an egg white phase for a few months a while ago. Used Eggology once, but I think you are really sacrificing freshness for convenience. Think of all of the time that goes by before they get into you hands. Eggs have to first get to the processing plant and then cracked and then chemically preserved and bottled. It could be weeks. and they are not cheap at all. I would rather go to my local farmers market and get eggs that are within a couple days old. but maybe thats just me.

      1. How do you separate your eggs? It should take about 10 seconds per egg to separate using the shell to shell method.

        Then make some lovely custard or curd w/ the leftover yolks.

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          1. I've also had nothing but success using Eggology egg whites. Used them frequently in the past 2 years when making a number of cakes with nut flour bases and the cakes were perfect.