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May 21, 2008 02:56 PM

2 New Restos open in Avon

2 new restaurants opened up on Main Street in Avon-by-the Sea. One of them is Clementine's Cafe (actually this is a re-opening) they expanded and renovated and I am very excited to give it a try again. We did enjoy it the first time around! Tried to find a website to see if the menu is still the same but could not locate anything on-line. The second I believe i is called Pagano's Italian Cafe in the old location of the Avon Pharmacy. Less excited about this one. That's all we need - another Italian restaurant on the Jersey Shore! Interested to hear if anyone has been to either one yet?

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  1. I've eaten at the old Clementines too and thought it was good. Here is a link to their site

    1. I also enjoyed my visits to Clementines before it closed. I hope its expansion did not adversely impact the quality (as so often happens).

      There use to be a Pagano's in Bradley Beach. It was across the street from the miniature golf course on the boardwalk. I wonder if this new one is related. I assume so. The old Pagano's was a fairly typical shore Italian restaurant but you could sit outside and listen to ocean which was nice.

      1. We went to Clementine's when they first opened and have not been back; food was horrible and too salty. Who knows maybe they got their act together. As far as Pagano's we went there way back when they were on the beach.....and again, food was awful. Sauce tasted like it was cooking all year.

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          Had lunch at Paganos and was great ,had the Amore sandwich and would recomend it to anyone and its not where the pharmacy was ins 1 block north in the middle of the block. The corner spot is now Albertos...

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            Went to the new corner spot--Alberto's. It's run by Alberto and Humberto, who, apparently used to wok at Havens and Hampton (which I've never been to.) We went shortly after it opened. Food was just ok, and the service lacked some polish. Perhaps it's improved by now.

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          1. Hey Everyone,Went back to Clementines after a long 6 month wait and thank God nothing has changed. We were a party of 8 and everyone felt that the whole experiance was awesome including the shopping we did for bags, jewlery, and antiques. My hat goes off to these 2 guys who have obviously put there hearts and souls into this place. Continued sucess, and well all be seeing a lot of each other.

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              We also went to Clementines after it re-opened and found it to be just as good if not better than the old place. We stayed late and the ladies shopped for new spring bags. Our food was perfect and the desserts, which are all homemade, were delicious. I would suggest making reservations, since without one you probably won't get in. The place is packed on weekends. The waitresses are very nice and service is spectacular.

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                Wow, looked at the website. I personally think that the appetizers are extremely high priced. I've never been there but I dont think I'll be going anytime soon. I have never seen appetizers this high except in the finest top quality restaurants.

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                  Don't waste your time and money as this restaurant is just not wort it.
                  The food is just not very good. Turns out that Avon is not the place to go...