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May 21, 2008 02:46 PM

China Cafe in Novi, MI

We are still searching for a good Chinese restaurant here in the western burbs(Farmington Hills). We did enjoy Hong Hua but it was just a little too fancy and didn't have some of the dishes that we enjoy. And their take-out menu was very limited. I noticed China Cafe on 10 mile and Novi Rd. Has anyone eaten there? We are getting very hungry for good Chinese! Thanks.

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  1. Did you try House of Ing at 12 Mile and Halsted? I seem to recall someone suggested that in a post awhile back. I always thought it was good, but I don't know what you consider "good."

    1. China Cafe is outstanding. Make sure to try the lettuce wrap appitizer.

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        Happy to hear the good report about China Cafe. Will try soon! Thanks.

        To amandaqtpie: It's funny you mentioned House of Ing. A couple nights ago my daughter and her friend brought home egg foo yung and shrimp lo mein from there. the egg foo was ok. The lo mein was terrible. Of course I've really never had shrimp lo mein before, but there was really no sauce, the noodles were angel hair pasta and the shrmp were these little tiny things. My daughters friend liked it but my daughter and myself didn't care for it. i'm beginning to think we are just too picky or something. Of course we came from Minneapolis and had the most delicious Chinese food from the Red Pepper restaurant. But this is MHO. Thanks.

      2. Its a little out of the way, but Shangrila on Orchard Lake Rd has been the best chinese food I have had in the area. I used to live the in the San Francisco area and it comes pretty close. They also have some really good late night dim sum.

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          Yes and no on the late night dim sum at Shangri-La. I tried it last week, and *nearly* left VERY disappointed. I tried a couple of the offerings off of the dim sum cart, and both were just, just *awful*. One was a BBQ pork baked bun, I believe, and another was a fried something-or-other. Both were terrible.

          I almost left, believing that I was about to be charged $14 for those two...and I was going to come on here and complain to high heaven. In point of fact, 14 was my table number, and the two choices were $6, total. This didn't make the memory of them any better, but it did make them more palatable, if you can understand that.

          Having found out that I was mistaken, I sat back down and tried one more, just to be sure that it wasn't a total waste (as I've heard the raves of the dim sum here and elsewhere). I ordered a jalapeno-spiced pork rib thing with black bean "salsa", and it was *exceptional*. I had to wait a good long time to finally get it, but when it came, it was worth it.

          So, lesson learned: *avoid* anything on the cart, and only order that which requires them to prepare it on the spot. I'll go back, but you had better believe that I'll be sticking to this adage like glue.

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            In the strip mall right next to the Orchard Mall, where Shangri-La is located, is Golden Phoenix. It's like an old school chinese restauyrant, right down to the fresh, hot rolls they serve with the meal.
            Now, I grew up on the long gone Fung Wung Lau on Orchard and Thirteen and Golden Crown in Bloomfield Hills, so that's where I'm coming from in regards to my taste. I also like New Mandarin Garden, also on Orchard Lake and Thirteen, Empire Dynasty on 9 Mile, by Grand River and Hoa Hoa on Novi Road just south of 14 Mile. None of these are as fancy as Hong Hua or Shangri-La, although I am quite fond of those places, as well.

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              I like Hong Hua also, but for dim sum Great Harvest in Warren is probably the best in the area, I lived in San Fran for several years and am Chinese. A quick drive over to Windsor and the food gets better.