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May 21, 2008 02:43 PM

Has anyone tried Ten Sushi, new to Park Slope

I've been watching them set up on for the past month or so. They opened up shop earlier this week. I haven't had a chance to stop in yet, but it looks modern (black, white and red color scheme and furniture with clean lines) and inviting (nice details like flowers on the tables).

Has anyone tried the food?

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    1. re: Jeepers

      Sorry, I forgot to add that detail. It's on 7th ave and 15th street.

    2. I'm curious too, I drove by around 9:05 tonight and it was pretty full.

      1. I was not impressed by the sushi at this restaurant. It's not horrible but it's nothing to write home about.

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        1. re: resa44

          I went there on Saturday night and was actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sushi. Both the Toro and Scallion roll and the Yellowtail/Jalapeno roll we had was very good. I don't care for eel but my wife had two pieces of the eel sushi and said it was very good. I think it is quite a good place for standard fare (maybe not for more adventurous stuff). The service was also very good and the place is very cheap. There are some slightly strange dishes on the menu (chicken with mozzarella and teriyaki sauce???) but we were pretty happy. We will have to try it once or twice more before we decide whether it is our go-to standard for sushi in the South Slope.

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            I agree-- a bit better than I was expecting. Although the sushi is just "good," compared to the competition in PS, you get more than you pay for in terms of ambiance and decor-- The entire front of the restaurant opens up to the street, which made for very pleasant experience (of course, in the midst of this heat wave they'll probably keep it closed for the A/C). Also, the service was excellent. Their 'special' rolls were very good.

        2. I'm very happy about this place. While it doesn't qualify as a "holy crow that's good sushi" sort of joint, I've had delivery from them 4 times and it's quite a bit better than the other options in the nabe. I also found out they'll make brown rice sushi (I know I know -- sushi purists, please give me a pass on this) and they do a really nice job of it. If you think of this as a delivery place or neighborhood spot rather than a top-of-the line place, you may be as glad as I am that they're here now.

          1. Stopped in with a friend for a light dinner and definitely enjoyed. I had the Apple-Spicy Yellowtail roll and the Eel Mango roll and both were delicious and creative combinations.