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May 21, 2008 02:36 PM

DT Seattle Birthday Cakes

The short story is that I'm a native Washingtonian that couldn't take the rain and clouds, moved to sunny Palm Springs, but am coming back in October to celebrate my 40th b-day with family and friends. We're going to stay downtown at a Belltown hotel and have my b-day dinner at a restaurant near Pacific Place.

SO ... I need to arrange a cake for myself (yes, I'm a total control freak!) and we won't have a car and don't want our guests to have to pick up said cake.

Lots of time to plan all this out, so I thought I'd check with all of your opinionated souls and see if anyone can recommend a 1/4 sheet cake option in Belltown/Downtown that would be easy enough to cart over to the restaurant. Oh ... and the cake should be tasty. I like 'em old fashioned, not too sweet, moist, and yummy. K?

Right now, Macrina's red velvet cake has me salivating. And I've heard good and bad about Kauai Cafe (I do have a weakness for all things Hawaiian, esp. coconut cake).

We lived in Tacoma (gasp!) and Gig Harbor (sniff!) and would always get our cakes at Affairs in T-town, but am at a loss for d/t Seattle cakeries.


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  1. Are you referring to the Kauai Family Restaurant? If so, it's located down in Georgetown and the distance would be prohibitive. My vote would be with Macrina.

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      Ah, yes, you are correct: Kauai Family Restaurant is the name. Yeah ... Georgetown is a bit too far ... but I would hire a cab for haupia cake. But, I'm with you .. and leaning towards Macrina.

    2. I'd go with Macrina or Dahlia Bakery ... both great, both downtown ... I've had yummy cakes from both many times. Dahlia's style is a bit less restrained than Macrina .. so the choice depends on your style .. though I'm uncertain if either makes sheet style cakes.

      1. It's a little outside Belltown, more like Lower Queen Anne, but Morfey's makes some really great cakes. You can choose from a number of cake and filling styles and it's a great old-school place run by nice people.

        1. Little known, but truly chowish, Maria's celebratory Italian cakes at Gelatiamo (3rd and Union) will blow you away. She grew up in a little town in Northern Italy, working in her familly's bakery and she brings all that. The cakes totally fit the description here: light textured, flavorful, moist, beautiful, not too sweet (you won't find any butter cream here). We had one at our wedding and the guests are still raving about it being the best cake ever.If you like, gelato to accompany is there, too.

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            Good to know! That's a great resource to keep in your back pocket, thanks!

          2. Simply Desserts in Fremont is just a hop, skip and a jump away from DT, and the cake trumps anything Macrina or Dahila offers. The Strawberry white chocolate and chocolate caramel cakes are to die for!