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May 21, 2008 01:54 PM

SD - best retail bacon?

For a bacon-lover's bday: What's the best bacon you've bought locally? I am centrally located, but I'll take any suggestions.

I usually like the thick cut store brand bacon from Henry's. The TJ's bacon has been okay (nieman ranch and store brand applewood smoked), but not better than the Henry's.

Anything special at Iowa Meat? Tip Top Meats?

I really like the bacon at the Original Pancake House, and I've watched "The Right Way to Cook" bacon video on Chow!

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  1. I'm a fan of the dry cured slab bacon at Tip Top. It's the stuff with the rind left on, that I slice myself.

    I got a photo and blah blah blah here:

    I will say that the flavor is inconsistent, though. Sometimes it's oversweet. Sometimes it tastes like it was left out in a barn fire rather than carefully dried in a cool smokehouse. Other times, it's dead on and delicious

    I give them slack because 1) that's the nature of a hand made product and 2) it's relatively cheap, for a dry cured, house made bacon. Despite the inconsistency, I continue to buy it when I'm in the Carlsbad area.

    Tip Top Meats & European Deli
    6118 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA

      1. I would NEVER argue with the Prof. But I seldom get up north so I usually buy bacon at the Olive Tree deli on Sunset Cliffs and Narragansett. They serve Boar's Head deli meats in their sandwiches but I don't know whose bacon they carry. Thick slab, of course. You might call and ask them. I also like Henry's bacon.
        Ocean Beach
        4805 Narragansett Ave
        (between Cable St & Sunset Cliffs Blvd)
        San Diego, CA 92107
        (619) 224-0443

        1. The uncured bacon sold at Trader Joes.

          The uncured "British brand bacon" (label uses those upper and lower case letters) at Fresh and Easy.

          Applewood smoked, sold per pound in meat case at Bristol Farms (UTC).

          Thick sliced sold per pound in deli counter at Albertsons.

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            Niman Ranch Uncured Bacon sold at Trader Joe's. Humanely raised, no chemicals in the curing, consistent flavor. The only drawback is it isn't thick-sliced. The Dry Cured is a bit too salty for my taste.

          2. whole foods slices it as thick or thin as you'd like. i especially like their pancetta