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May 21, 2008 01:44 PM

Harlem: Dinner near Abyssinian Baptist Church

Hi all, looking for good Harlem dinner recommendations near 138/Clayton Powell. I know soul food is the obvious choice, but it might be too heavy. Do you have other suggestions? I would like to be able to sit down at a table, otherwise not much more atmosphere is needed, only yummy interesting food. Willing to walk 15 min or so in any direction. Thanks!

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  1. I wish I knew the neighborhood better, chowbeth. one of my favorite posters for that area is rose water. search this board for her name and "harlem"

    for what it's worth, though, one restaurant that i have liked that is sort of in the vicinity is Africa Kine for low-key Senegalese home cooking (256 W 116th St. just west of Clayton Powell (aka 7th ave)).

    La Marmite is another restaurant that has been recommended on this board [adam clayton powell between 133rd and 134th (]

    and there might be some suggestions in this thread that work for you:

    (some of them are a little further south, probably, than where you want to be)

      1. re: Ora

        great suggestion, ora. love the food at the sibling resto, miss mamie's.

        OP, i know you're worried about soul food being too heavy, but i think there are a few things on the menu that aren't too bad: fish, grilled rather than smothered pork chops, jerk chicken, the veggie platter....

      2. Saturday I went to a party at Covo. Italian. Huge space. 135th at 12th avenue. You walk thru Riverside Park and there is the unexpected little strip with the restaurant and a club next to it (but not disturbingly loud to COV diners.) Great wine list.