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May 21, 2008 01:16 PM

In need of dinner rec downtown Van

I have visitors from Texas coming - in their 40's and 60's. They will be staying at Four Seasons and aren't used to walking too far (anything in Yaletown is probably too far for them). Does anyone have a recommendation for dinner on a Thursday night that's close?

I am considering Revel Room but am worried this its too "hip". I love CinCin (and its location) but its too expensive for them (one person is paying for 5 of us). They don't do sushi or Indian. Any ideas? Thanks a million!

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  1. >> I am considering Revel Room but am worried this its too "hip".
    I think so too.

    CinCin ~$35-$40 entrees avg

    How about Yew (probably pricey - I haven't been) or Griffin's at the Hotel Vancouver or Bacchus at the Wedgewood. The entrees are in the $35 avg.

    If that is still too much...Milestones (~$20 entrees), Italian Kitchen (~$25 entrees).

    1. You might want to consider the Keg downtown also. Its pretty nice and the I find the food to be consistantly good.

      1. What kind of food and setting do you think they'd prefer?

        Within a 3-4 block walk from the Four Seasons are:
        Prima Taste
        Le Crocodile (but probably too pricey)
        Joe Fortes
        Cassis Bistro (haven't been, but I have heard good things)
        a bit further out is Chambar (about a 7 block walk)

        1. Yew has great atmosphere, but $$$! My sidecar cost $14 and my friend's salad was $23 (and quite small, to boot). It's a great place to grab a drink, though. How about Saveur or Metro? I haven't been to either, but maybe someone else can comment. The food at Cassis is ok, but not as good as other bistros around town.

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            Metro might be a little too out there gastronomically speaking - (menu priced by weight..and it isn't within budget anyway). Metro is very inventive - great food. Never been to Saveur.

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              If close proximaty is what you want, there's Diva at the Met across the street. I've always enjoyed their food, a tad pricey but worth it. Another option is Scoozi's (mediteranean/greek) on Howe as well. It's relatively inexpensive and not very far away. I've never been but there's Ocean Club about 3 blocks away from the hotel. Don Fresco on Burrard is a bit further but not as far as Yaletown isn't too bad.

              1. re: gourmet wife

                Diva is pricey. Scoozi's sound interesting - I haven't been. I wonder if the OP's friends are amenable to Chinese. Kirin and Shanghai Bistro are right in the area.

                1. re: fmed

                  Scoozi's is good... depending upon what you order. Their most popular dish seems to the spinach pie, and minestrone. THe owner, if he is still around is a gregarious, flirtatious, dapper man. I think that he is part of the charm.

          2. I thought the Keg was a pretty good reccommendation, also the new Cactus Club may be opening soon on Dunsmuir/Burrard Street (looks like any day now) which is a close walk.


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              Nothing beats the Keg for value steak. Cactus Club is a good rec in this context as well. Cactus Club does highlight local ingredients and a Vancouver style - Pacific Asian-influenced dishes which may not be so prevalent in Texas. (Not my cup of tea though as I find the food a bit "chainey").