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May 21, 2008 01:12 PM

Alex (Las Vegas)

I'm very excited we'll be going there for my birthday in July. I've been watching the on-line menu and I'm very happy to see that it has already changed a couple of times - I like the fact that he doesn't do the same thing night after night, month after month.

Have most of you ordered the prix fixe or the tasting menu? Are they amenable to substitutions on the tasting menu? (not anything major - I just really prefer cheese in lieu of dessert since they always bring out the post dinner parade of sweets anyway).

Also, I don't drink that much so do you think they would mind if just my husband got the wine pairings?

And the room is just so beautiful - any special tables, anyplace you would or would not recommend sitting?

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  1. in my experience, alex is very accomodating to the type of issues you raise. call a few days before you're going to be there, and discuss these issues with them. don't know about special seating locations -- the entire place is spectacular

    1. Like raider, we found Alex very accomadating on our visit there earlier this year. We were with another couple and three of us did the tasting (and they had no problems letting the men switch out a seafood course for meat, and one of the desserts too), and one the prix-fixe.

      We all loved it - excellent service, beautiful atmosphere, and wonderful food.

      1. i'm sure substituting cheese for dessert wouldn't be a problem, although it might incur additional cost. but it's definitely ok to get a single wine pairing.

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        1. re: zack

          Thanks - I didn't realize not everyone at the table had to get the same format - interesting.

        2. The wine request would be no big deal and easily accommodated.

          Likely same for the cheese request. The desserts I've had there (always on tasting menu) have been unique and memorable. You can get good cheese anywhere. Just a thought.

          I am a huge fan of Alex and have advocated for it multiple times on this site. You won't go wrong with this tasting menu. I wouldn't dink with it too much though. There's really no need.

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          1. re: climberdoc

            Good point about the cheese. I'll keep that in mind.

            One last question - we're staying at Palazzo, so that's not a terrible walk over those aerial walkways in the heat, is it? I've never walked between the two, but I'm assuming it's similar in distance to the walk from say, Bellagio to Bally's?

            1. re: Eujeanie

              The walk is not a big deal. I enjoy walking however. My wife has done the Palazzo to Wynn walk a number of times in heels. We are staying at Palazzo in June. Excited to be staying there for the 1st time.

              1. re: climberdoc

                Not to hijack, but we'll be staying at the Palazzo in June too. We are doing Delmonicos on Thurs and Aquaknox before Phantom on Fri. I was considering eating at Sushisamba, but it will have been opened less than a month and it seems like a gimmicky place. But it may be good for their middle of the night menu.

                On Sat. we're eating at either Nine or Kerry Simon's new place at the Palm. I'm hoping there will be some reviews of Simon's in the next month.

                1. re: The Old Man

                  I don't even see Simon's on the Palm website yet. Do you know what the opening date is?

                  We will at Palazzo in June as well. Decided to try Cut for our steak night. Nine was in the running. Was very intrigued by the comments on this site about the amazing ribeye. Was turned off by comments about cramped tables, noisy/hip crowd and OK service. I tend to enjoy places where despite the restaurant being busy, I still feel like the only person in the place. Seems like I have more chance of that at Cut from the comments I've read about both.

                  1. re: climberdoc

                    That's because it's at Palms Place - the new luxury tower at the Palms with Condos et all. Sort of like how the Palazzo tower at the Venetian has it's own website.

                    Here's the link ...


                    The actual website for Simon is here but just refers back to the original link ...