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Favorite Brownie/Bars Recipes

What are your all time favorite brownie or bar cookie recipes?

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  1. Sometimes called Seven Layer Bars, sometimes Hello Dolly Bars. Either way, they are always a hit.


    1. The brownie recipe on the back of the Fry's Cocoa container and the Raspberry Oatmeal Squares(soooo tasty, easy, and versatile) and Butter Tart Bars(butter tarts without making dozens of tart crusts woohoo!) from Joy of Baking: http://www.joyofbaking.com/barsandsqu... :)

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        My mom always made something like the Raspberry Oatmeal Squares, but she used apricot jam instead of raspberry. They are so delicious, I think I will have to make a batch this weekend. Thanks for reminding me of this taste of my childhood!

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          I am searching for the ultimate blondie recipe. Would you share, please, please, please? I have tried 3 or 4 recipes so far and I am getting a little disheartened.


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            1.5 cups all purpose flour
            1 teaspoon baking powder
            1/2 teaspoon salt
            12 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and cooled
            1.5 cups packed light brown sugar
            2 large eggs
            1.5 teaspoons vanilla extract
            1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
            1/2 cup white chocolate chips
            1 cup pecans toasted and chopped coarse

            heat oven to 350. spray 13x9 inch pan with nonstick spray. make a sling in the bottom of that pan with aluminum foil or parchment so brownies can be easily removed, and spray the sling with nonstick spray as well.

            whisk flour, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl.

            whisk melted butter and brown sugar in bowl until combined. add eggs and vanilla and mix well. fold dry ingredients into the wet mixture until just combined. fold in chocolate chips and nuts and put batter into lined pan, smoothing top.

            bake 22-25 minutes until top is shiny and cracked. cool completely on wire rack and use sling to pull blondies.



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              Thats the CI recipe but I always add 1.5 cups unsweetened coconut. You can use sweetened coconut in a pinch.

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                Sounds similar to what I know as Rocky Road bars.

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                  coconut makes everything better.

                  have you ever left out the chocolate chips altogether? i'd be curious if they would have a nice nutty brown sugar flavor without the cloying sweetness of chocolate laced throughout.

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                    Oh nooo, I would never leave the chocolate out...but I use 70 % chocolate or bittersweet so its not cloyingly sweet

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                      yeah. i guess it's just that my vision of the perfect blondie would be analogous to the perfect brownie, which doesn't need chocolate chips throughout to be good. you know?

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                        I agree. I'm not even sure about nuts in my blonde brownie. And I often leave the choc. chips out of my favorite brownie recipe, melt them instead and glaze the tops.

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                          Funny you should mention leaving out choc. chips - bc I made these and blogged about the exact subject - I made my batch without nuts (don't believe in nuts w/ brownies) - and made 1/2 my batch w/ choc and white choc - and 1/2 batch w/ just white choc - and HANDS DOWN, everyone liked the white choc. alone, period. Including me. Love the CI recipe. :)

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                    Thanks so much beezebozo!

                    I can't wait to give these a try - I think I will have to go check the pantry!

              2. Mark Bittman's Simple Brownie Recipe!!

                1. More appropriate in winter, there was a recipe in Gourmet years back for a cranberry turtle...the name of the article was "heart of tartness". They are usually good.

                  My fave blond brownie is from a church-type cookbook. Just look for a recipe with a box of brown sugar, eggs, melted butter, flour, not much else...and you've found it. Simplicity itself.

                  Triple Chocolate Brownies from Gourmet are my standard, and if you frost them with a flavored powdered sugar/butter frosting (like espresso or mint) they become irresistable, and beyond sinful.

                  Sorry I've been vague on both those recipes, but I think a quick seach would turn them up.

                  1. Even though this banana bar recipe is called a bar, its more cakey in texture. They're fabulous though. Please dont use the canned frosting called for in the recipe. Its simple to make your own cream cheese frosting.


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                    1. One of my favorite bars is the Chocolate Raspberry Crumb Bars from Nestles verybestbaking site( i always add more raspberry jam than called for). I made these for my son's bday treat when he was in second grade. Just the other day, one of his friends was reminiscing about these bars. They're juniors in high school now.
                      Another really good bar is the Rich Chocolate Chip Toffee Bar from the Hershey wesite.

                      1. Butterscotch Cashew Bars from Taste of Home. Very rich, and get raves from everyone I've served them to.


                        1. Many people say that Ghirardelli Award Winning Brownies are one of the best:

                          The recipe is also on their cocoa can.

                          Ghirardelli Award Winning Brownies

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                            YES!!! I just made these for the first time yesterday and they are all gone. DEELISH!!!!!! It's one of those OMG I have to make more/OMG I better not EVER make those again. Way too good!

                          2. Paula Deen's pumpkin bars, hands down. More like a snack-cake/quick bread though. Here's pics and a link to the recipe...


                            1. Mmmmm. I love bar cookies! I'm not a big chocolate person (gasp) so my favorites are coconut almond lime bars. Everyone raves over them and they are really addictive! I always toast the almonds and make 1 1/2 times the frosting recipe. Give them a try!

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                                Thanks for posting this recipe. I made them today, and they are delicious!

                              2. All of the recipes, in the Green and Black's cookbook ("Unwrapped"), including the brownie recipes are simply stellar (not to mention the pictures - lots of chocolate foodie 'art'). Here is a similar recipe listed on their website:


                                And in case you're interested in their cookbook, (highly recommended if you are a chocoholic who loves to cook/bake or just loves to look at the gorgeous pics) here's the Amazon link:


                                1. Aunt Betty Bob's Brownies are favorites in our household, hands down. They are very simple to make, using just a saucepan for mixing, and include one and one-half cups pecan halves, which rise during baking to make a crunchy topping; they taste almost carmelized to me. I can't make these too often because they are just too good (but be aware they are not the fudgy moist type of brownie, but not cake-like either; they have the firm texture I think a brownie should have). I'd have typed the recipe in here but I was able to find it by a google search on this link:


                                  Even if you are a fan of the fudgy variety, do give these a try.

                                  1. My ALL TIME favorite brownie - a mouthgasm actually - was one I recently discovered and blogged about. It shocked me and my hubby, it was so good. It was by Ina Garten and I modified it a bit - and it is a *wow*. It actually ends up with little pockets of molten - and I really cannot tell you how divine it is, for just a little 'ol brownie. Heavenly. And, easy!

                                    1. Made these for the first time yesterday and they are TREMENDOUS. My whole family loved them, and they take no time at all. From the Desperation Dinners newspaper column.

                                      DOT'S BLONDIES WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS
                                      2 sticks unsalted butter
                                      1 pound light brown sugar
                                      2 t. baking powder
                                      1/4 t. salt
                                      1 t. vanilla
                                      2 cups flour
                                      2 large eggs
                                      1 cup chocolate chips
                                      1 cup chopped pecans

                                      Preheat oven to 350 and grease a 9 x 13 (recipe called for 9 x 12 but I think this worked better -- they're pretty gooey as it is)

                                      Melt butter. Stir in brown sugar until well mixed. Mix in baking powder, salt, vanilla, and flower. Beat the eggs separately and then stir them in.

                                      Bake 20-25 minutes (mine actually needed about 28 minutes) until edges start to pull away from plan. Cool completely and cut small because they're very rich.

                                      Dangerously good!