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May 21, 2008 12:24 PM

Egg Custard Tarts?

Does anyone know where i can buy those Egg custard tarts they serve at Dim sum at various places? I am looking for a place near the tysons corner area. I have been able to find them at Mark's duck house, but they run out early during lunch time. Anyone know of a bakery that has these in stock regulary?

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  1. The bakery next to A&J in Annandale (Maria's?) has them.

    1. I LOVE Chinese Egg Custard Tarts--especially when they are fresh out of the oven. You can usually get them while they last at Maria's Bakery (Eden Center- Falls Church & Rockville). Maria's is a Chinese bakery in the Vietnamese Eden Shopping Center. Maria's also has a variety of yummy Chinese/Hong Kong style buns, snacks, boba tea, and cakes.

      See also previous thread on Portuguese style egg custard tarts

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        I was just in Chinatown, NYC, revisiting one of my favorite bakeries and noticed the proliferation in egg tarts, including the Portuguese tart you recommend here. I went with the almond egg tart, but I shall try the Portuguese version here at Maria's!

        1. re: Minger

          Oh wow, love Chinatown NYC--they have an amazing variety and quality of egg tarts. In fact, there is a cafe especially dedicated to these yummy treats. I've made a few NYC trips, just to go there. I unfortunately haven't seen the Portuguese style recently at our local Maria's.

          Check out these links to the Egg Custard King Cafe in NYC Chinatown:
          I love this amazing photo of the tarts fresh out of the oven. The Girl Who Ate Everything is a great food blog with photos.