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May 21, 2008 12:07 PM

Greenville SC Father's Day Weekend

Just a little getaway for the weekend with my honey and wondered:

1. Is Brunch at High Cotton on Sunday worth it or is there somewhere else we should try?
2. Is there food near the Hyatt Regency on Friday night. We are going to the Mainstreet Jazz thing and we will just be getting there, so we will need to eat.
3. Saturday we will probably go play trivia at either Indigo Joes, Rileys or Canyon Creek Grill. Any thoughts on any of these? Which is better or are any of them decent?
4. Saturday night we will probably go see Crimes of the Heart at Centrestage. What is close by that is a good food experience?


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  1. I love a well organized question!

    1. I found brunch at High cotton to be reasonably tasty, but nothing special and oh, so heavy and greasy. I go to Bohemian more than any place for brunch, but honestly it's not great. I hear good things about Mary ..soemthing...look for the thread a ways down from here.
    2. Food near Hyatt - how near? very near is Bistro Europa (fair american) Lemongrass (decent Thai) Tsunami and Murasaki are both adequate sushi bars, nothing fancy. Better (and unfortunately more expensive) choices are Wine Cafe and American Grocery...both within walking distance...if it's good weather and you have on comfortable shoes. (maybe 1 mile? 3/4?)
    3. Never heard of any of those.
    4. I think Centerstage is downtown, no? If that's right, then see response to #2.

    1. Great detail on the questions!

      1) High Cotton is ok - setting is above average though. Also likely doing a Sunday Brunch for Father's Day will be Soby's and O (Soby's, southern food, buffet style I think $19 a person and O, american, brunch menu). I'm not sure that MaryBeth's (located on McBee at McBee Station) is open on Sundays...

      2) Good suggestions by Danna in that immediate area...everything in downtown is very accessible by foot. Upscale option not mentioned is Brown Street Jazz Club - very good food (on Brown Street). Trio is a very popular Italian spot - always a line - though I don't feel as strongly as most do about it.

      3) Indigo Joes - good staff, pretty sterile environment for a sports bar, but good tvs and usually a few people playing trivia at any given time.

      4) Good food experience in that area - Devereaux's. One of my favorite restaurants in Gville. Though I would call and ask if Chef Greene will be onsite that night. He is leaving for a summer stint at French Laundry any day now and I'm not sure if the food will withstand his leave.

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      1. re: ap65065

        Really?? Trio's has a line in the evening? Staggering. I think it's awful.

        What kind of food do they have at Brown Street?

        1. re: danna

          I don't understand it either - but it never fails - Trio always has people milling around waiting for a table!

          Brown Street is American - very pricey though. I wouldn't call it overly creative, but typically executed well.

      2. i second soby's and lemongrass. i have never had the pleasure of going to devereaux myself, but bought my parents a gift card there and they raved about it.
        its a hike, but if you're hanging out at the falls anyway, i have had good meals at brick street cafe down in the west end.

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        1. re: sarahew1

          Soby's did a great father's day brunch last year. (They had grilled meat)
          I think that is the best brunch on Sunday.

          Ltitiudes used to have a buffet brunch that was great. I wish it was back for fathers day.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Well, my step-daughter decided to visit her there goes the weekend trip out the window. I will save these ideas for later though. Thanks