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May 21, 2008 12:01 PM

ice cream in Saskatoon

Which place serves the best ice cream in Saskatoon? Jerry's or Homestead? Or somewhere else?

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  1. I grew up going to Homestead with my family, then took walks in Rotary Park with our cones (Homestead has moved one block closer to the river )....
    910 Victoria Avenue

    But these days, now that I am older, and have a VERY well developed laxtose intolerance, I go to Jerry's, they have at least 6 dairy free flavours as well as they're countless number of homemade icecreams.
    1115 Grosvenor Avenue

    There is a Third Ice Cream Heavy Hitter in Saskatoon, it's only been around for one summer so far. It's name... "Noodle King & Ice Cream Princess" it's downtown on 2nd Ave N... I think on the 800 block (Just North of Earls)


    1. ahhh Homestead. i have such fond memories of that place. only place i have ever eaten pumpkin pie icecream. have never seen it since!