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May 21, 2008 11:52 AM

What to order at Quality Meats?

I'm going to Quality Meats tomorrow night with a group of about 8 people and looking for recommendations about what to order. Thanks!

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  1. I've always had the steaks, which are good, but I've read that the suckling pig is the real star of the menu.

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      Thanks, I haven't heard about the pig. Any recommendations about sides and apps?

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        Def order the coffee and donuts for dessert, it's the best EVER!

      2. just don't get the short rib. it was off the bone and so fatty and sweet that it was difficult to eat (although the pickled vegetables it came with were nice). i wasn't impressed with the restaurant at all although the potato chip things were good (but not the fries).

        1. It has been ages since I went to Quality Meats, as I recalled that I wasn't particularly impressed by their steaks. However, I remember that they served a pretty good crabcake (with giant lumps of crab meat) and the steak tartare was served with all the condiments and raw egg to mix in. I also enjoyed the corn creme brulee.

          1. $4 PBRs seriously they really do have $4 PBRs

            1. trio of filet mignon w/3 sauces was good. the gnocchi side was good. crab cake was good too. They also serve fresh brewed ice tea, which was a freshing change to the awful concentrate stuff served at most restaurants.

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                filet mignon is my fave so that sounds great!