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May 21, 2008 11:44 AM

Help with BBQ/grilling shower gift

I've been invited to a shower where the theme is BBQ (or grilling). I was thinking of giving some kind of cookbook, but have no idea what would be good. I'm sure this young couple will have a grill of some kind, but not a smoker. Any suggestions? Any other suggestions other than grilling tools or BBQ mitts?

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  1. "Smoke & Spice", by Jamison and Jamison. One of the best ever about cooking w/ smoke.

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      Smoke and Spice is a great barbeque cookbook, as you mention one of the best about cooking with smoke, and it's in my library. But the OP specifically mentioned that the giftee does not have a smoker, so I would be inclined to recommend instead Steven Raichlen's book, "How to Grill", rather than the Jamison's book. (see danhole's post.)

    2. skip the bbq mitts and get heavy duty leather welding gloves. thick ones. I can't tell you how many times DH got a hot spot in the standard bbq mitt and almost burned himself. now that he has these globes (they reach almost to the elbow) his hands are well protected.

      1. Take a look at - they have a gift set especially for grilling.

        1. It's a small gift so you'd probably want to get something else as well ... but it was a real hit with the person we gave this to. Williams Sonoma sells a monogram branding iron. It gets heated on the grill and then the person can "brand" their burgers, steaks, chicken, whatever. It's 3 initials. I don't recall if they do the initials in different styles.

          1. Google Steve Raichlen, and check out his Grill cookbook. He is really good.