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So much Goat Cheese, so little time...

Okay, so i've come into more goat cheese than I know what to do with. All sizes, shapes, soft, hard, aged, soft rind, rolls, logs, wheels...
I'm overwhelmed and could use some help with recipes/ideas. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry I don't have a recipe but....I had the most amazing goat cheesecake at a restaurant a couple of years back. Perhaps someone has a recipe for it?

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      If you scroll down midway you'll see a most amazingly simple..but oh so good..goat cheese cheesecake!

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        Yes that looks yummy, thanks Hillj.

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          my pleasure millygirl. I wish I had the "problem" of too much goat cheese, lucky jwb!

    2. Use the most perishable first, obviously.

      Have a tasting party!

      For soft goat cheese, it is great spread on crostini or your favorite crisy cracker and topped with black olive tapenade, Or instead of tapenade, a sun-dried or oven-roasted tomato and a drizzle of pesto.

      Stuffed tomatoes: cut ripe plum tomatoes in half across their equator, use your fingers to get the juice and seeds out, stuff goat cheese into the resulting spaces, top with a mixture of equal parts bread crumbs and grated Parm held together with a tiny amount of EVOO, roast until soft and the topping is golden brown (maybe 20 mins at 375?), then serve with pesto drizzled over the crusty top. Mmmmm, that's what's for dinner tonight....

      1. Oh and also goat cheese is great crumbled over a lentil salad (lentils in garlicky-mustardy vinaigrette) with some chopped chives or scallions.

        ... and eaten with radishes.

        ... and filling an omelet along with sauteed baby spinach.

        Lucky you!

          1. Just in case you can't get through all of it, I've frozen soft goat cheese with much success.

            1. Bone in chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese:
              Saute a shallot in 2T butter until soft. Add some fresh chopped rosemary near the end of cooking. Turn off and add goat cheese while the pan is warm. Add freshly cracked black pepper and kosher salt to taste. Mix thoroughly and place mixture in a small bowl and into the freezer to firm up a bit.
              Brush a little olive oil on the chicken breasts and salt and pepper.. Pull up the chicken skin to make a pocket and stuff 2 Tablespoons of the cheese mixture under the skin. Roast in the oven at 375 for about 30-40 minutes,or until done. Sometimes I make a pan sauce from the drippings with some white wine or dry vermouth added.

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                Sounds good mschow. I've had something similar with the addition of sun dried tomato and it was really good.

              2. Goat cheese enchiladas. There are tons of different versions online, I like this one with tomatillo

                Also, leek and goat cheese tart http://www.freecookingrecipes.net/rec...

                Or for a quick snack, those tiny pita breads stuffed with goat cheese and popped into the toaster oven to crisp up...yum!

                1. As an appetizer, stuff the goat cheese into medjool dates with prosciutto and mint..or if you're not a fan of meat, top with a toasted nut and mint.

                  1. Herbed soft goat cheese piped into pickled Peppadew peppers is a great hors d'ouvre.

                    1. http://macandcheesereview.blogspot.co...

                      I just made these appy's for the first time--amazing!!!