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Visit to LA with Kids--Staying Near Farmer's Market

We would appreciate recommendations relatively near the Farmer's Market where we are staying (at the Farmer's Daughter). Travelling with adventurous 10 and 7 year old. Foodie parents. Preferably no chains. Price not a big consideration. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Why not go and eat IN the ORigianl Farmer's Market? There are great stalls with really diverse food:

    Right down Fairfax, you can get to Little Ethiopia, a great place for foodies! I like Rahel (veggie-my fave) or Messob (offers meat for when you gotta have it.) Rahel also has an all you can eat lunch buffet. You can print off a cupon on her site.


    Eithiopian is amazingly tasty, and fun for kids, cause you eat with your hands!

    Also in the area is The Griddle, Mani's cafe, Canter's Deli, and lots more my fellow hounds will mention!

    1. Across the street (3rd) is Town and Country Shopping Center. It's where Whole Foods is.

      Hidden in the alley is Andres, an Italian restaurant. It's cafeteria style and great for kids.

      I love their salad dressing and pastas with their mushroom sauce.

      1. I agree that the Farmer's Market is a good option, especially with kids and if you want to keep it low key. There's also many good restaurants along third and beverly (streets running E/W just one to two blocks north and south of your hotel). for low key mediterranean i love fiddler's bistro on third, just past the grove and next to pan pacific park. it would be a good fit for kids. there's also angelini oesteria (more upscale) and ita-cho for japanese on beverly. Also on beverly are two that the kids might like and other hounds enjoy but aren't my faves: BLD (healthy american) and Cobras y Matadors (tapas). the kids might like the small plates thing at CyM and it would be a better environment for them than AOC (which is also near your hotel). if your kids like sushi there's sushi roku on the corner of third and la cienega which is always a fun setting and the sushi is really nice.

        1. Okay, not in walking distance but not a far drive to either - Square One Dining for breakfast (tasty) - 4854 Fountain Avenue, East of the Farmer's Market - and Milk for a fun lunch (fun non-chain ice cream experience, could have a low-keyed lunch there as well) - 7290 Beverly Blvd. BLD is pretty good food and the times I've gone I have definitely seen kids (even toddlers).

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            MILK and BLD are fun for kids.

            Another great breakfast place just up Fairfax at Sunset is The Griddle Cafe. Fun, large portions, yummy.

          2. A little farther away:
            Vito's for pizza and other good food. strip mall parking.
            Thai Town is not too far away
            Lucky Devils for good burgers and custard shakes
            Scoops Ice Cream

            1. Terroni on Beverly and Buddha's Belly a block away on Gardner and Beverly are fun places to go. The pizza at Terroni are great. I agree with the BLD and Cobras suggestions as well. Jian Korean BBQ would be a good choice but I forgot that it hasn't opened after all these years. Just kidding. A little healthier selection is Mani's down on Fairfax, a great selection of sugar-free (but delicious) bake goods but a whole menu (great breakfast and light lunch).

              1. When you are near the Sunset Strip (and you will be on Sunset often) there is a train car on the north side with its own free parking lot (very rare in that area) called Carney's. Great for kids, and good for parents too. Their specialty is grilled hotdogs, especially chili dogs. But they do good burgers as well, and prices are fair. Much better food than Pink's, for instance, and a more family-friendly crowd than Astroburger or Oki-Dog.

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                    Hardly a chain. They have one Studio City franchise in addition to the Sunset Strip location. It's a great idea for kids, particularly young ones who will love the train locale. Adults & teens also love Carney's; it's a classic L.A. lunch stop for those who enjoy casual hot dogs & burgers. My friends who've moved fr: L.A. always make time for a Carney's stop when they return to town for a visit...

                1. For fast no-frills Italian food, go across the street and eat at Andre's. Cafeteria style dining but the food is inexpensive and tasty. Kid friendly but may get very crowded at times.

                  1. Go to the original Farmer's Market - there are lots of choices, lots of kids and lots of good food. I love Loteria for mexican. http://www.farmersmarketla.com/restau...