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May 21, 2008 11:17 AM

Dinner for 15 People Near Gallery Place/Chinatown?

Hi all, do you have any recommendations for a good place for a birthday dinner (15 people) near Gallery Place/Chinatown? Preferably something in the area so that the group could walk to a nearby bar for drinks afterwards, but suggestions elsewhere (Dupont, etc.) are also welcome. The only requirements are good food and not too pricey :). Thanks!

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  1. I jumped the sea cucumber, and misread the poster. :-)

    1. Tosca is pretty close and has a good pre-theater menu that isn't too pricey. They have a couple private rooms.

      1. Depends on your definition of pricey, but Oya always has a $30 prix fixe 3 course menu, which I really enjoy. They also have a private room but you'll have to check availability and if there's a minimum for your date.
        Also Rasika might be a good option. We went there for a friend's birthday a few years ago and really enjoyed their private room and service. We've been back several times since then for regular meals.
        Clyde's might fit the bill as well, since it's likely one of the more moderately priced area restaurants and would probably let your group order a la carte.