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The smell of wine

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I just got the 2008 edition of Duemilavini.

First page has these lines ( no indication of authorship, presumably from Franco Maria Ricci? ) :

Odore di terra bruciata, appena bagnata,
odore di erba tagliata.
Odore del frutto e del fiore.
Odore di sabbia e di mare.
Odore di vento d'estate e odore di pioggia,
odore della neve, odore della nebbia.
Odore del giorno e della note.
Odore del silenzio.

È l'odore del vino.

My poor translation follows:

Smell of burned earth, barely moist,
smell of cut grass.
Smell of fruits and flowers.
Smell of sand and sea.
Smell of summer wind and smell of rain,
smell of snow, smell of fog.
Smell of day and night.
Smell of silence.

That's the smell of wine.

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  1. Translation looks good to me, but I am not as well versed in Tagalog as my mom is! ;-) -mJ