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May 21, 2008 11:06 AM

Italian Dinner for 20 PDX

Any thoughts on a place for dinner for 20 semi-aging athletes? It'll be a Thursday night -- we'd like to sit together or at least adjacent to each other. And we're staying at the Hilton (921 SW Sixth Avenue) and need somewhere nearby in order to get everyone there. Would like price to be mid-range if possible.


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      I'd like to second the Mama Mia suggestion. I organized a company dinner there in late January for 18 people and it was an excellent choice. The food was good, hearty fair and they easily handled our (very) obnoxious and (very) drunk group in a VERY professional manner.

      So, imagine how good they'll be with a group of well-behaved, mostly non-drinking, athletes with a big appetite!

      1. re: sebetti

        That was gonna be my answer as well.

    2. Barolo on has a long communal style table that will work very well for group dining.

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      1. re: sip

        PDX means Portland.

        I'd suggest Pazzo. Ask about their cellar room in the basement. Perfect for aging athletes who like wine. 20 might be too large for the room, but you really should check because it is a very cool space.

      2. Thanks everyone. We had a great dinner at Mama Mia -- everyone was happy with the food, the wine and yes, the tequila shots (yikes -- with Italian food?). The service was fantastic and the chef even came out to say hello. Our same group went to Mother's for breakfast and our chef was there. This time she got a round of applause and a lot of cheers.

        Again, appreciate you fellow Chowhounders. Couldn't travel without you.

        1. You should consider Il Fornaio. It's a big restaurant, I'm sure they could accomodate you, and VERY good. (BTW Barolo is overrated in my opinion) Tulio is classic Seattle Italian, but a much smaller place.
          Have fun!!

          1. It is worth a call to Piazza Italia. It is a small place but they could manage the group if the decided they were willing. Definitely call and talk to them about it. This is a reasonable priced, incredibly good,very authentic simple Italian place that would suit a group of athletes well. There is "football" regalia all over the place and, if there is an Italian playing soccer anywhere in the world, it is usually on the flat screens. I believe that they were the hosts of the Italian house at the Salt Lake Olympics - so definitely a sport friendly hangout without the sports bar feel. You can all get there by streetcar.