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May 21, 2008 10:34 AM

Reco for Wedding at Paso Robles Winery?

Any specific winery/vineyard recommendations for a wedding reception in Paso Robles? We just got engaged (YAH!) but have heard you need to book a venue early. We are thinking next Spring (late April-early June) and probably about 100-130 people. We prefer an outdoor setting -- and plan on having the ceremony and reception at the same location. Last year we stumbled onto a wine tasting at Villa Creek winery/vineyard and loved it, but not sure they could accomodate us (but will definitely look into it). Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I loooovvvee weddings!! you picked a great place to get married! I can think of a million great places to get married outdoors. But it might be good to know your budget. Just about ANY winery in the area will either shut down to do your wedding or make their space available after hours. I can think of so many other places in town than VC winery. It's nice, but SUPER over priced. (And I will hold my additional thoughts there). I would do Villa Toscana before I would do VC winery OR restaurant for that matter. I honestly don't think either would accommodate your large group. Near Villa Toscana, is Vista Creek winery, they don't sell retail, but they have a B& B called Buena Vista, and an AWESOME chef. Robert Hall has been doing a lot of weddings, Clautiere has space, but the view might not be as nice. Gosh, there are so many places. When I got married, 10 years ago, my dream was to get married out in near what they call the "Far Out" wineries (don't do JUSTIN tho). It was sooo beautiful (and romantic). But if I were getting married now, I would have a hard time deciding. As you get further into your planning, you will decide on things that you "gotta have" and that you can "do without". Be sure to keep us updated. Happy planning!

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      Thank you so much for your response and sugestions!! We actually stayed at Toscana last year and loved it, but it might be a bit over our budget. I don't know tho, because we haven't really outlined a budget yet, but I am thinking $15k-less than $20k. At Toscana for Saturday night wedding, you had to book all the rooms for 2 nights at $6000; and I can't ask family/friends to pay that much. We were also thinking a "far out" winery. Where exactly did you get married?

      I will definitely look into your other recommendations.

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        You can definitely do something spectacular within your budget. Once you nail down a date (and 1 or 2 back up dates), maybe you can contact a few different places and come out to Paso and take a look. We actually ended up getting married at a country club (long story). Since you mention family and friends looking for lodging- my recommendation would be anything off either 46 W: Castoro, Summerwood, Doce Robles, Midnight, could all accommodate your crowd and the Hampton Inn and Courtyard by Marriott are close by. OR 46E Meridian, Eberle, Vina Robles, Bianchi, Firestone (now owned by Foley they have a loft for the bride and groom to spend their wedding night) would all compete for your business. And there is a brand new La Quinta Inn and RV park right there. I have been to many, many big events at Tobin James and they have been a blast! great setting, and they even have a place to spend your wedding night : the B&D- bed and donut. Don't know if they really give you a donut, but it's a cute little place.

        For an outdoor wedding, I would do a buffet. Maybe a tri-tip dinner? Check out Cahoots Catering, you might have to google it. They are the #1 requested out here. Book them early. Otherwise there are lots of other good caterers - avoid Hospitality Catering, and Dining With Andre.

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          Dear Paso Gurl,
          What is wrong with Hospitality catering?

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            I have been to 2 private events where the hosts were SO unhappy, one was talking small claims court. The first was party at the Yacht Club at Avila, where they arrived 2-3 hours LATE with the food. The other was an anniversary party in Paso Robles where they DID NOT show up, so the host called, and for some reason , and they said they had them scheduled for the following day (she had a written receipt with the correct date). They did manage to make it over with the food several hours late. At neither event was the food quality anything remarkable for what they charged. And both times it was cold because everything is served in cheap aluminum throw aways. I can see the convenience in doing that, but compounded with all the other factors, I would not recommend them, especially not for a formal event like a wedding.

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              Dear Paso Gurl, I didn't take your advice about Hospitlaity Catering, and they did my rehearsal dinner. Their attention to the cooking, the serving, and making the most of my location were all a big help to me, and they worked out a way for me to maximize my budget. I'll supply more information to anyone who needs a personal recommendation: write me at

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                I think it's great that you had a good experience. It would probably be a good thing for you to share more about it here in the open forum, particularly for all our friends who are shopping for caterers in the area. I particularly would be interested in hearing about what you served? how it was served? what your venue was? did they drop food off, or stay and serve for you?

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                  What LazerStar and dserra have to say sums up my experience as well.
                  I wanted good food, but not too complicated (because of the group I was hosting), and my dinner was exactly that: fresh food cooked well.

                  I also had the problem of not being familiar with the Paso area; for us it was a destination wedding, so I really needed help with the details, and Brigitte was on top of it for me. One reason for catering instead of doing it myself was peace of mind, and that was delivered throughout the whole planning process. They took advantage of the best parts of my location at Wild Rose Ranch, they served, and cleaned up. I didn't have to do anything but enjoy being with my family.

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                I have to say, we are a business that relocated to the Central Coast and set up an Open House/Grand Opening in August. We talked with and spoke to several people in the community and more then one person told us that Hospitality was a great company to deal with. I not only was impressed with their ability to listen to what we wanted but they were eager to try something new, we mentioned that down in Orange County we had an event that used a Pasta Bar and they were all over it and become excited at trying this new idea! A bit about their service and their ability to come through, not only did they show up HOURS early they consistently stayed in contact with us before and during the event. On set up day we decided that we did not have enough sit down tables or stand up Pub tables and they made it happen and several more, including linens were delivered without about on it!

                We just mentioned to Brigitte about needing to hire Nanny service and she connected us with several local people and they helped us out in that regard.......

                Mark was of course hospitable, he sang for our guest's towards the end of the evening, it was a real crowd pleaser......their entire staff was helpful, kind and considerate, Johnny who tended bar was awesome!

                We had 150 people here including community leaders (the Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem) Chamber of Commerce people, friends, family, vendors and customers so we really thought long and hard about who we wanted to use and we made an excellent choice!

                The last thing I will say so as not to make it sound like a love fest is there were a couple of bumps and minor miscommunication but that was mostly my fault, I had too much to juggle and Hospitality ended up more of a Part Planner then they did a food service catering company, so in closing:

                Use them, they are great people kind and sweet, if you are unclear or unsure talk to them they will always listen and offer advice not to mention provide great food!

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              RE: Hospitality Catering.
              We have a large extended family that gathers every year (for 20 years) in Creston to spend four days together at Christmas time. Three years ago we decided to do something special for a family member and hired Hospitality Catering to cook & serve dinner. We had only intended it as a one-time event. Since then we've had them back each year. We have a complicated group (some vegetarians, some meat lovers, two gourmands from New York City - where food is a lifestyle, etc.) I can't say enough good things about Brigette & Chef Mark who purchased quality ingredients, cooked, served and cleaned up while adding pleasantly to the convivial atmosphere. We especially appreciated the interest to the culinary details, the richly marinated entrees, and the crisp freshness of the vegetables. They have been reliable, flexible, reasonably priced, and we couldn't have been happier.

        2. I've not been but I understand Carmody-McKnight has lovely grounds:

          (btw, lots of good hotel rooms at a variety of prices with several new ones having gone in recently


          Carmody McKnight Estate Wines
          11240 Chimney Rock Rd, Paso Robles, CA

          1. I might suggest Meridian (please don't boo yet). The grounds are really pretty and I know that they can handle that size of a crowd for wedding. The other thing is that it is right off the highway on the north side, so people do not have to make a dangerous left to get back to Paso. Yeah their wine are corporate, and they make enough to fill Lake Tahoe, but their limited relase stuff is quite nice.

            1. for sites, here's a link to get started:


              For keeping to your budget, you might consider doing less than a full sitdown dinner, depending on the timing. Do a mid-afternoon wedding and just serve nibbles and great cake and champagne. Then you would be able to have some fun prenuptual auxiliary activites just for the two immediate families, like golf or a sunset cruise out of Morro Bay.

              As an 'old-timer' I really don't know why the trend has gone to such huge receptions. They're boring for most guests and the bridal couple never has a chance to relax. Good music, pretty grounds, a well-thought out ceremony, great cake, and time for guests to mingle is about all a good wedding reception really needs.

              At least four new large hotels have gone in lately in Paso, so there will be plenty of choice for out-of-towners.

              If you chose Paso, may I suggest April rather than later.. April is Green Green Green. May onward, you have a good chance of it being hot. Last weekend was over 100 with a nasty warm dry wind out of the east. Now it's windy and cooler, but you never know! April is enchanting in north county. By late April, the iris and roses and wisteria are all going off at the same time; the effect is breathtaking.

              Another gorgeous setting to consider is the historic Dana Powers House in Nipomo, just north of Santa Maria. The summer is warm but not hot, the grounds are beautiful all year but especially stunning in April-May, specially planted with ambiance and photo shoots in mind. The host, Judi Dana Powers, is charming, she's exceptionally talented in planning and guiding a wedding. A visit to her website gives you an idea. The main gardens around the house can be used, and the original 1880's barn is now fitted for receptions as well. Tons of character. If you're interested, call Judi and talk to her, and you'll see what I mean. Everyone who has visited her gardens for a wedding or other function comes away in awe.


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              1. re: toodie jane

                thanks for that link - definitely a good place to get started! I am already feeling overwhelmed ;-)

                1. re: Obessed

                  ....take a deep breath, plan what YOU would like to do for your day, and forget all the hype that surrounds modern wedding planning. There is no "correct" (only) way to do it.

                  Feel the love.

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