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May 21, 2008 10:28 AM

Cocina 88 - Guadalajara - Question

Anyone know if the wine cellar is a place that could be rented out for a private group dinner?

If not, anyone have suggestions on a place for a nice business dinner for 10 or so people. Looking for something private, possibly outside in a garden, courtyard or balcony.


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  1. If you have the phone number for Cocina 88, I'd be happy to call them for you to find out.


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      Thanks!!! No habla espanol......that's all I know!


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        I talked to the reservations staff at Cocina 88. The cava (wine cellar) doesn't have tables, but the restaurant can easily accommodate your group in a private setting.

        If you haven't been to Cocina 88, I assure you that the restaurant is lovely, the food delicious, and the entire experience would be well-appreciated by your group.

        The reservations person said she would be happy to give you a quote for your event.


    2. Does anyone know if there is anything vegetarian on the menu here? I went to Santo Coyote and not only did they not have a vegetarian main on the menu, they also couldn't piece something vegetarian together (I wasn't picky). The only things I could eat were the soups and salads, which were underwhelming (along with the rest of the meal, according to the other diners).

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        Cocina 88 is primarily an Argentine-style (ie, lots of beef) restaurant. They do have fish and chicken on the menu, but as for vegetarian mains, I don't think so.

        Their sister restaurant, the fabulous La O (on Calle José Guadalupe Zuno two blocks east of Unión), has a longer selection of mains, a lot of really incredible appetizers (a vegetarian will love the stuffed squash blossoms), and a wonderful WONDERFUL salad bar loaded with very interesting selections. You will want to try it.

        Santo Coyote is beautiful to see but abominable for food. You're actually lucky you couldn't find a vegetarian main.


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          Thanks for the La O recommendation! We went tonight and it was great. We arrived around 6:45 with no reservation and didn't have trouble getting a table. From a vegetarian perspective, there were two appetizers (minestrone and gazpacho) and one main dish (fettucini alfredo). The minestrone was good (not great) and the fettucini was really, really good. I don't normally eat creamy pastas, and I have high standards after living in Italy, but it was very good. My friend had the ?arranchera? (vegetarian speaking, remember) which was served with fries and a little roasted pepper which she didn't try. She said the meat and fries were good. The salad bar was definitely the best part though. They had a thai salad with beansprouts, breaded and fried zucchini slices, green beans tossed with almonds, grilled eggplant and tomatoes and quite a few other things in addition to the normal salad bar. If I wasn't a vegetarian I would have been spoiled for choice in terms of both appetizers and entrees. They had a couple of dishes that involved curry sauces that sounded good. Prices were 145 pesos for the prix fixe menu (appetizer, salad bar and main dish), 65 for the salad bar alone, 24 pesos for bottled water and 60 pesos for a margarita. Oh, and the staff fell all over us during our meal- absolute sweethearts. We'll be going back at least once before we leave at the end of the month!

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            And some photos from dinner of the restaurant (we ate on the covered patio and had hummingbirds flying all around!), salad bar offerings and my fettucini.