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May 21, 2008 10:12 AM

Bakery open on Memorial Day? (west side)

Does anyone know if there's a good west-side bakery that might be open on Memorial Day? I need a birthday cake on Monday, and no-one feels like baking one. Cupcakes would work, too.

I'll be in Pacific Palisades, but could drive a bit to pick something up.

Many, many thanks!


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  1. Vanilla Bakeshop (In Santa Monica) is open from 9-7 on Memorial Day, They certainly have cupcakes available but not many cakes are usually out in the display case. I believe their cakes are made to order.

    1. Just a reminder that if the "boutique" places don't pan out for any reason, there's always Ralphs, which still makes a thoroughly tasty (and cost-effective) traditional birthday cake. But I'd call soon to make sure.

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        I've always found Ralph's cakes to be on the drier side - Pavillion's/Von's does an awesome Colossal Chocolate Layer Cake, as well as Yellow, Carrot, Tres Leches. While I head to Ralph's for most things, I prefer Pavillon's for pastry.

        There's of course also Viktor Benes' in the Century City Gelson's mall.

      2. put the money you were going to spend on gas into the cake and go to your local gelsons.

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          I agree with the Gelson's rec. Pacific Palisades has a Gelson's on Sunset, and Viktor Benes (the bakery within Gelson's) is a very nice option, especially when you consider their quality will please most people.

          I've never disliked any of Viktor Benes' cakes, have ordered them for some occasions and the general feedback has been very positive. I wouldn't throw any of their cakes out of bed, but I think the consensus among a lot of folks is the Chocolate Parisian is a winner. Their fresh fruit tartan and other fresh fruit tart products are very eye-appealing and tasty as well. Their Princess Cake is somewhat rare in bakeries - you don't see but a few bakeries offering this, and their version is respectable. To have a fair amount of options from this one bakery that will be in your neighborhood should make life pretty easy for you on an otherwise busy day. The folks behind the counter are normally very helpful and should be able to take your order over the phone if you're doing this before you get to your destination.

          The store will be open on Memorial Day from 7AM-9PM. I would double-check that the bakery will have the same hours. I hope your uncle's 80th birthday is a blast!

          1. re: bulavinaka

            the only baked good that i ever had from there that i didn't like was their apple tart; it was too sweet and the apples were too mushy.
            EVERYTHING else has been good.

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              Third Viktor Benes A yummy place. be aware that as a lot of items are baked on sire, appearance and availability may differ.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                Interestingly, the Princess Cake is relatively common in Minneapolis. (Must be that Scandinavian influence up here; yah, you betcha.) It's a tasty thing, to be sure. But I'm thinking that the Chocolate Parisian would be even more popular!


                1. re: AnneInMpls

                  You hit the nail on the head. If your uncle likes chocolate and lives in PP, I'm guessing he's had the Chocolate Parisian already. If this is the case, he won't be disappointed - probably more surprised that you were able to pull this off all the from Minni-soota... yah, you betcha...

                  1. re: AnneInMpls

                    what's the cake with those fabulous goldeny yummy ribbons of wonder all over the top?

                    1. re: Diana

                      What cake? (shuffling and looking back and forth around me toward the floor on all sides while drooling, holding cake knife and fork at the ready...)

                      1. re: bulavinaka

                        Not sure what i's called, a chocolate looking cake absolutely buried under what looks to be solid yet thin caramelly sheets, all folded and great looking. I want one NOW!

                        I also love to use the little meringue cups they sometimes have. I had a princess cake for my engagement party, and they were nice enough to make me one with white cocolate sugar dough/fondant instead of marzipan / nut stuff.

                        1. re: Diana

                          Sorry, I don't see but a few cake photos on their site, and my memory has failed me on mental images of their cakes.

                          I'm not surprised at all that they accommodated you on your request. The people there are typically "anything I can do to help" in sincere way. I know some really knock VB but I think they're great for what they are. White chocolate sugar dough/fondant instead of marzipan? Sounds like you didn't lose anything at all in that switch, but all I can say for you in general is, "Stupid nut allergy..." One of life's great pleasures but just one...

              2. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.


                1. 3 Square Bakery in Venice will be open. You could special order something and they'll keep it in the bakery until you arrive. If you don't order anything in advance, then you won't find many traditional birthday options -- just cookies, brownies, financiers, danishes, and the like.