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May 21, 2008 09:54 AM

Cheap eats in Norwood, Mass.

I'm headed up for a business trip and want to avoid the Chili's Industrial Complex. Can anyone recommend some good places in or around Norwood?

I'm from outside New England, so something seafood-y might be nice, but is not a requirement. Nothing that will break the bank -- I have a $50 per diem. I will be eating bland deli trays all day, so something spicy would be appreciated.

The hotel recommended Sky and Bon Caldo, but they sound out of my price range. Finz looks appealing, but I am ridiculously biased against restaurants with overly cute names. Good food trumps bad names, though!

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  1. There a few good places in the center of town. Byblos (lebanese food), Mint cafe (Thai) are both reasonably priced. Otherwise right on Route 1, Siam Lotus has great thai food too (better than mint cafe)

    1. I understand your bias against Finz based on name and location. I would not have gone except that my host for the evening really wanted to go there.

      That would have been my loss. The raw and fried oysters were delicious, and the fish got great reviews as well. It was an unexpected pleasure, and I still can't reconcile the awful billboard on 128 with the delicious seafood inside.

      You can satisfy your seafood quest and spend less than $50.00 with no difficulty.

      1. Finz is $$$ anyway.
        There is a little Thai place on Washington St. and a Shawarma place on the same block, just north of Norwood Center. Both flavorful and cheap. Mug n Muffin for cheap greasy breakfast.
        Not far in Dedham center is Deli after Dark with live and lively weekend music.

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          Finz doesn't have to be very expensive. They have an on-line menu with prices that you can check out in advance, and I would recommend calling ahead for the market and daily special prices.

          It is good to have chow-worthy options in unlikely locations.

          (I am assuming that the conference is providing the deli lunches and a token breakfast in thinking about the per diem.)

        2. You can eat at the bar at Sky without breaking your per diem, if it comes to that...

          1. Abbondonza on Washington St., Joe & Maria's on Rt. 1 are both decent Italian; Bamboo on Rt. 1 in Dedham is good Chinese as is Golden Abacus on Rt. 1 in Norwood.