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May 21, 2008 09:32 AM

Tuesday Evening Farmers Market at Otay Ranch Center & Pakistani Mulberries

Wonderful early evening yesterday there. I didn't know that it was going on but its definitely one of the better ones I have been to. I hope i can make it back

There was even a great classical guitarist playing. We bought some immaculate root on wild[er] cilantro - that was almost pepicha like. Super sweet strawberries and photogenic summer squash varietals.

Vendors included a carne asada stand, East African veg, British etc. The roasted corn and agua fresca stand smelled and looked amazing.

The best discovery however was picking up some Pakistani Mullberries. Soo good! If you can imagine a long black or boysenberry but with a slightly different flavor. Has anyone had or seen these?

Today's U-T food section mentions the FM as being new and taking place every Tues. from 4pm -8pm with 10,000 lbs of fresh produce

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    1. A little research indicates this tree is named "Morus alba, variety 'Pakistan' " or Pakistan Fruiting Mullberry.

      Another fruiting mulberry of a different species, is "Morus nigra" or Persian Fruiting Mulberry. It bears shorter but equally intensely falvored berry.

      All you SoCal and Central Valley chowhounds can easily culitvate these fast growing fruit trees. Trees are available at full service nurseries during the winter dormant season.

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      1. re: toodie jane

        But be forewarned. Mulberry trees drop their fruit. The trees, at least one variety, grow quite large. As a kid growing up in the area under discussion, neighbors had a huge mulberry tree, about as tall as their two story house, that dropped ripe mulberries all over the huge white marble picnic table nestled under it. Uncle Frank used to grouse about having to either move the table or the tree. Either was a gargantuan task that never got tackled. It's so much neater to go to a farmers market and buy a flat or two of mulberries. Well, unless you have your heart set on growing silk worms.

        1. re: Caroline1

          I can vouch for that. We have a mulberry tree in our front yard that I would love for someone to take away!

          1. re: phee

            Oh, how can you say that Phee? Do you have white carpeting?
            We used to have a dwarf mulberry tree in our front yard and my kids had the dirtiest clothes in town. I made them undress to eat mulberries! But, my daughter still craves that taste. No wonder they're expensive. We also have a huge tree by the parking lot at work and our custodian despises the blessed thing since everyone tracks berry juice inside. But aren't they beautiful? How unusual to find them at farmer's markets. I must go there.

          2. re: Caroline1

            Mulberries take very well to hard pruning for size control. Pollarding works well.

            1. re: toodie jane

              Yeah, but do they ever become discrimintory about where they drop their berries? Now there's a thought! Instead of a kitty litter box, a mulberry litter box! I'd plant a tree for that. '-)

        2. Hi Kare,

          How much did they sell the mulberries for???

          Thanks a ton,


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            1. re: kare_raisu

              Thanks Kare,

              I have never bought them in a square, how much are they a pound?

              Also did you eat them fresh or use them in cooking?

              I have hear that they are great for cooking. But I usually use them fresh.

              Thanks a ton,


              1. re: Dayote

                Not sure by the lbs. Eat them fresh!!!

          1. I have eaten them fresh and reslly enjoyed them.

            But I have heard that they are good for cooking. My wife wanted to try and cook with them and I wanted to know how much they are a pound.

            Do you know what farm was selling them.

            Thanks a ton

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            1. re: Dayote

              I cant remember but If you go Tues evening to that market you are bound to find the guy - I think he is there every week.