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May 21, 2008 09:29 AM

French in Seattle?

I am looking for a French restaurant in the Seattle area that serves good caviar and foie gras... or the best french food here.. checked out reviews of rover's, campagne, maximilien and le pichet. what would you choose if you only had time for one french meal in seattle? thanks in advance!

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  1. Rover's hands down for a fine dining experience. Le Pichet for a casual brasserie like dinner. I have not seen caviar at Le Pichet. it's more cheeses, pates, sausages, seafood. Very good, but not what you are describing.

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    1. re: cocktailhour

      I concur, for upscale, Rover's is the place, just divine. But really all those you have posted are not apples to apples. I adore le pichet, but it is bistro or country style (also cafe presse, same scale) and Campagne is somewhere in between, and probably a little more tradional french than Rovers. You can't go wrong with any of them, just depends on what experience you want and how much you want to spend.

      oh, and can't speak for Maximilien, some how I have never made it there.

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        I also agree. Rovers is wonderful - very comfortable, excellent food, great service. I also love Campagne and have had excellent foie gras there.

      2. not French per se, but...i think Oceanaire does a caviar service (have not tried it), and i have had caviar on blinis at Crush (probably best to request it when you make a reservation, since i don't think it's a menu item), who also do good foie.

        1. I like Cremant. I have had good expriences there.

          1. What about Le Gourmand?

            Has anyone been there? I've been wanting to go, but it's a bit steep. I've dined at their adjoining bar, and that was delicious.

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              i thought Le Gourmand was way overpriced for what you get and extremely disappointing food-wise (others will disagree).

              1. re: barleywino

                I completely agree with barleywino. We splurged on Le Gourmand last year - I got the tasting menu, and was severely disappointed in the food and the service given the price. I liked Campagne better, and Cremant better still.

                1. re: Freida

                  Regarding my comment on Le Gourmand...I did like the place, and I've heard nothing but great things about the chef there. I simply found the food too rich (everything in a cream sauce) for my tastes. And since it was the single most expensive meal I'd ever ordered, I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I really prefer French bistro food, like Cafe Campagne or Le Pichet, but it took me a while to figure that out :)

                2. re: barleywino

                  I ate there several years ago and was extremely disappointed. The seating is uncomfortable (banquettes with pillows - yuck) and the food was inconsistant. We had two excellent dishes, the several so-so ones. The sorbet I had as a dessert was so sour it was inedible - not a great way to end an evening. For such an expensive place, it really needs to be much better.

                  1. re: akq

                    good to know! perhaps i'll cross it off my list.

                    Cremant is excellent though!

                  2. re: barleywino

                    I agree - but the new wine, David, is the bartender from le Pichet and I recommend you try the little small bar attached. Sambar I think it's called. fun - but not high-end French.

                3. If Mistral is still open - haven't checked on it in year - it's hands down delightful. In Belltown - it can offer you gentle elegance, private menu, pre-order your champagne and caviar. Or if you just want some great caviar and champagne - just go to the little store - Seattle Caviar on Eastlake. They have quality champagne and wonderful caviar - oh and if you take it to go, they'll give it to you in a little cooler bag that's kind of fun.

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