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May 21, 2008 09:22 AM

On The Border is Back

Just read today in the San Antonio Express News Food Section,that we are getting several chains in my area.
Krystal Burger is coming to Universal City,and so is On The Border.
We never had one out here before,but do remember when they were in San Antonio.For some reason,back in 2000,they pulled out of this market place.
Anyone recall why they were shutting places down,the On the Border I mean?

There is also a local chain,El Chapparel coming to Loop 1604 and Redland Road by me,so will have to check that out. I know Olive Garden is supposed to come to Live Oak.
I still will visit the local places however.

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  1. I just don't get the On The Border here in San Antonio. WHY???????? That is like opening up an Olive Garden in the middle of Tuscany.

    1. Here in Raleigh, NC we have dozens of awesome mexican places, and 1 On The Border, I am not sure why they stay in business, they are just not nearly as good as the places run by Mexicans.