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May 21, 2008 09:21 AM

Vancouver: Omakase for lunch?

We are doing a northwest trip, and our plans have changed, so we will only be spending 1 day in Vancouver, 2 days on Vancouver Island, and 5 days in Seattle. I was saving my Japanese experience for Vancouver, but I am now in a timing pickle. We have to board a ferry back to the island at 7:00 at night so I must now try and get my Japanese experience in at lunch. I originally was going to do Tojo's Omakase, but now I am looking for Omakase for lunch. Is this even possible? We will be in the aquarium area for lunch if that helps, but are willing to drive for a spectacular meal. I will even go for East meets West cuisine (if it is good: ) Otherwise, should I just scrap the idea and have Japadogs and a nice stroll? (This is a serious question) Thanks!!

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  1. Nothing springs to mind...hopefully someone else will chime in. Japadogs isn't a bad idea....why not Chinese which Vancouver does very well? Dim sum is a lunch-ish meal after all.

    BTW There is a Sushi place near Seattle called (inelegantly) "I Love Sushi" on Lake Bellevue that is run by a former Vancouver sushi chef. Masahiko Nakashim use to run Bon and Shijo which served some of the best sushi this town has ever seen.

    edit: How about ramen (a few places at Robson and Denman) or yoshoku-style cuisine...

    774 Denman St., Vancouver, BC

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      Links for Ramen

      Kintaro Ramen Noodle
      788 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L5, CA

      Benke Ramen Restaurant
      1741 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G1C9, CA

      Motomachi Shokudo
      740 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G, CA

    2. Yoshi's offers a kaiseki lunch... though I didn't enjoy it as much as their dinner items. Maybe you could order a la carte instead. It's also pretty close to the aquarium (just at the end of downtown near Stanley Park).

      Okada is also downtown and has good sushi/sashimi options and some interesting looking bento boxes.

      I think fmed's suggestion of dim sum is great. In the downtown area, there's Kirin on Alberni.

      I'd definitely suggest Japadog, but I think that can be fit in as a snack on top of a meal elsewhere.

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        Okada and Yoshi are great recs. I didn't know that Yoshi did a lunch kaiseki. (You have to call ahead for kaiseki - $100 per person for the large menu)

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          Save you sushi for seattle - there is the BEST sushi place called SHIRO's down near Pike PLace. Reservations a must or go early to get a seat at the bar. By far the freshest fist in the Pacific Northwest.

          If you have to do lunch sushi in Vancouver then I would second that for Yoshi's on denman. Atmosphere is kind if lacking but the food and presentation of dishes is great.

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            Actually for lunch Yoshi's does a pre-set kaiseki for about ~$26. It's offered on the menu and I don't believe it needs pre-order, but I would call the check. It's called a kaiseki, but it's not similar to the dinner kaiseki. It's like a large tray with about 9+ different little items. No hot items, but pretty fun eats. I think I was satisfied with the amount, but not overly full... which would leave room for Japadog :)

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              Ah. They are playing fast and loose with their definition of kaiseki.

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