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May 21, 2008 08:59 AM

Fabulous Dinner with Friends

Any recommendations for a fabulous dinner out for two couples? We all have kids and have managed to get babysitters for Saturday night so we're very excited and we wanted to go all out. Anyway, we were thinking of a place along the lines of Michy's or Michael's Genuine with a great atmosphere. We've been to both of those, loved them, and so we wanted to try something similar but different. We all live in the Gables, so we wanted to hit the Beach, or preferably, the Design District. We'd love to hear of chowhound recs.

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  1. GA>

    On the Beach - Maison D'Azur is very hot right now. The hounds like Sardinia too. In the DD, Pacific Time is just opening across the street from Michael's if you fancy being first in the Gables to try it. Call for info 305-722-7369


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      If you hit the beach I would add talula to the list.

    2. 2nd both these suggestions especially Talula. Maison d'Azur is more a traditional French brasserie with a focus on seafood, while Talula's food is more similar in style to Michy's or MGF&D. I also like Sardinia on the beach quite a bit.

      For something a little more offbeat, I thought Indomania on South Beach was really good and a nice change-of-pace meal.

      I had one reasonably good meal at Brosia in the DD but haven't been back. Domo Japones seems to be loved by the newspaper critics but not nearly as much so by the 'hounds.

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        Okay, so one of our friends wants to go to the Forge and already made reservations. I haven't been to the Forge since I went years ago with my parents. Any opinions?

        1. re: GA578

          In my opinion, The Forge is not at all similar to Michael's Genuine or Michy's! Those two have modern and contmeporary atmospheres, while The Forge is ornate, stuffy, and gawdy. Personally, I'm not sure that The Forge will be the right fit. How do the hounds feel about Il Gabbiano? (I'm going for the first time this weekend). Or I would try the new Pacific Time if it has reopened (not sure). If atmosphere is not all that important and you simply want great food, how about Osteria Del Teatro on Washington? I wouldn't call it a hip place but the food there is so good and consistent.

          1. re: Debbie

            Absolutely they're not the same! We were all giving dining options by email. My husband's and my choice is to go somewhere hip, but our friends want "ornate" and "stuffy" apparently.