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Clear Flour Bakery

I went to Clear Flour Bakery yesterday for the first time on the recommendations of a co-worker, and I have to say their bread was VERY good. The Baguette was one of the best I have ever had, and the sourdough had a great texture even if it was a little bit weak on the sourness.

Anyone else frequent this establishment?


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  1. Darn near daily, especially now that the kid is home from college for the summer so our bread consumption just tripled ;-)

    It's a board favorite, do a search.

    1. Everyone who lives anywhere near the place goes there.

      Try the German rye, the ancienne baguette and the pain de mie.

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        And even people who don't live close. I love their bread.

      2. Love their ancienne baguette and their paris night rolls (raisin rolls).

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          morning buns with walnuts, fougasse with gorgonzola and walnuts on saturday, black sesame garlic sticks on thursday. and that's in addition to the best baguettes outside of paris.

        2. really love the rustic italian, and it comes in three sizes so you can choose how much bread you will be eating. And on Sunday, there is nothing like their guyere croissant. I get this treat once a month.

          1. Before it closed, I thought the baguette at Bread & Butter in JP had edged out Clearflour by a smidge. Clearflour is back to being the top dog again, in my opinion. Also a big fan of their rosemary foccaccia - makes great sandwiches.

            1. love love love love their croissants & french bread

              1. Really love their Miller's Bread (Pain Meunier). Not available every day. From their site: "each step of taking grain to flour is used: cracked wheat, whole wheat flour, wheat germ & white flour" - this results in a slightly chewy, very flavorful bread experience.

                1. I lived around the corner from Clear Flour on Gibbs St. and even after we moved we still went back there for sticky buns, olive rolls, foccacia, french bread epes ...it's a treasure.

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                    Similarly, I used to live across the street from Capone Foods in Somerville and I still go back there for Italian specialties. Now I live a block and a half from Clear Flour and am in there pretty much daily. And each of them sells a little bit of the other's stock! Very cool.

                  2. Same here, we live right near there and go often. A favorite to be sure.


                    1. I live near Brighton center, and used to confuse Clear Flour with Flour in the South End. Now I wasn't going to travel to the SE for bread so I never went. Since I found out where it is, I've been a regular customer. Watch the website for the 3-4 times a year they have creampuffs. They are a religious experience. I've tried a ton of stuff there, and it's all good. I like to go on the weekends and get the gruyere croissants, and the strawberry/cream cheese ones. On Tuesdays they have the rustic olive rolls which also rock. The only thing I've ever gotten there that I wasn't completely in love with, was the chocolate tea cake, which I felt was a bit dry.