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May 21, 2008 08:48 AM

Cincinnati Reds Brunch

I am taking my husband, his parents and my three year old son to a Reds game on Sunday, June 15th (father's day). I am looking for a place for everyone to meet up before the game for Brunch or a casual lunch. My husband, son and I are spending the night before at the downtown Westin and would like somewhere we can walk to and then go straight to the game. Something casual, fun and kid friendly, any ideas.


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  1. It's not in the right direction of the stadium - but First Watch (on 7th I think) is really good, and far more kid friendly than most of the other brunch places. That being said, First Watch doesn't have reservations and can get very busy on an average weekend.

    However, getting food downtown on the weekends is such a pain. Particularly Sunday - though perhaps for Father's Day more places will be open for brunch other than the Palm Court. Which would be close to the Westin, but I'm not sure how kid friendly.