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May 21, 2008 08:37 AM

The Ques Brothers led by Willie Wagner of Honky Tonk BBQ!!!

Here my report on Willie and his teams award winning performance @ The Memphis in May BBQ World Championships.

I had never met Willie before last Friday except a brief conversation via email when I posted about going down to Memphis where he generously invited us to his booth.
From the moment we arrived we could not have felt more welcome, Willie and his team including Chef Efrain, Dave Garr and Chris Chaudruc and many others treated us like old friends. When we arrived Willie had just pulled out a brisket and the feast began. In the pictures you will see pictures of the smoker and some of the this that were cooked over the weekend such as Shoulders, Ribs (st. Louis and Baby Backs), a Turducken (Chef Efrain), a duck and some really excellent sausage. Shoulder was due into judging early Saturday morning by the time we arrived in the afternoon the team was already notified that they were in the top 3 and the second round of judging would begin any minute. The team was all in a state of disbelief, they had only participated for 2 years and last year they had a very strong 12th place showing. A small team from Chicago in the top 3 after only 2 years created quite a buzz around the booth as may well wishers including former judges and other teams streamed in to congratulate them. We all went to the main stage area Saturday night for the awards ceremony where Willie took 3rd Place.

Congratulations to Willie, his team and everyone @ Honky Tonk

I hope everyone goes by the restaurant @ 18th and Racine and gives them a well deserved round of applause.

here is a small group of pictures with some of the highlites...enjoy ... 157125724/

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  1. Wow, thanks for the report! I've always wanted to attend Memphis in May...only problem is that it's awefully close to the New Orleans Jazz Fest.

    Time to head down to Honky Tonk BBQ! I was unable to pull-up the link.

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    1. Congratulations Honky Tonk BBQ!

      These guys have been on my radar for a while now, but it appears that I need to bite the bullet and fill up my gas-tank with that $4.15 a gallon gas and hit these guys ASAP!

      Maybe over the holiday weekend, eating some REAL BBQ that can cut mustard with the KCBS Judges would be real treat for a change...

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        I'd spend $6/gallon for some of that smoked turducken. That looks incredible!