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May 21, 2008 08:14 AM

updated amman and elsewhere in jordan?...?

Hi everyone. I'm heading to Jordan in July (ugh HOT!) and want to find the best chow around! I have looked at both previous posts and written down many,.... but they were all quite old and I'm concerned the same places might no longer be there.

Any NEW updates on restaurants/hot spots in Jordan?


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  1. Hi,

    I currently live in Jordan and as there isn’t much to do here (after 10 years), food is my pleasure :)

    In Amman, my recommendations are:
    - Local Traditional food (Hummus and Falafel), a place in downtown called Hasham, or in Jabal Amman a place called Abu Jbara.
    - Local Traditional Food: Shawerma ( I would recommend Chicken), thre is a place called Dai'a or Shawerma Reem.
    - Good Arabic Food: Al Huwara...very nice atmosphere and amazing food. order something called "Habra Niyeh" its raw meat...surprisingly, its unbeatable. and they have the best Arabic grills (Mashawee)
    - another place for good arabic food, but a bit expensive is called "Burj Al Hamam" located in the intercon hotel.
    - A place with a view of Amman, Vinaigrette. It serves Italian and Japanese food...really good andthe view is amazing.

    And finally, in Amman, Try Za'atar wa Ziet (located in Mekka Street), its really good for breakfast or early lunch. they serve something called Mana'eesh. a dough with different toppings in an oven.

    Outside of Amman, not much, but if you to Jarash (you should), there is a place called Al Birektein

    another location you should go to is Madaba (Mount Nebo) and go to a place called "Harret Jdoudna"

    Dont expect much in other Cities.

    Oh, and most places mentioned above serve Alcohol :D

    Hope you'll enjoy your stay in Jordan and more importantly ....the Food :P


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    1. re: Gombolah

      Visited Amman recently for a week and also recommend the good food and great views at Vinaigrette, which is on top of the Al-Qasr Hotel in Shmeisani. I also loved the hummus at Hasham's downtown. In general, I was really pleased with the freshness and quality of food preparation in Jordan. Enjoy!

    2. All those spots above are good, especially Reem for an authentic shawarmeh experience. A great restaurant just outside of Amman in the town of Fuheis is Zuwadeh. Their info is:
      Zuwadeh Restaurant in Fuheis, tel. 4721528. Opens daily from 10:00h-01:00h. I'm originally from Jordan, and took my German husband there--we had a blast.

      Also, Reem al Bawadi is another excellent restaurant in Amman, as is Al-Bustan. And, for one of the best examples of Arabic cuisine Lebanese style, you must definitely go to Fakhreldine--get the Apple Tobacco Nargheleh (hubbly bubbly/water tobacco pipe) with your mezza (appetizers).

      Enjoy, or in Arabic, Sahtain!