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May 21, 2008 08:01 AM

First night in Paris!

A question for the board: we will be arriving in Paris early on a Wednesday morning, staying in the 8th, not looking for a huge meal, we'll be doing that the next night. Because of jet lag, probably looking for an early meal, definitely not a tasting menu, and definitely not a three hour meal. Will be staying at the Four Seasons, so something close to the hotel would be a plus. Not worried about price, the whole trip's a splurge. Was thinking a less formal one-star, with good atmosphere. Any suggestions?

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  1. Two that come to mind, within a short walking distance, are Le Bistrot de Marius (sea food) and Bistro de L'Oliver, on Quentine Bauchard. Both have a single fork/spoon in Michelin. They are fine restaurants, and priced a bit lower than most in this tony area. For even lighter fare, L'Ecluse, a wine bar, is also nearby. Or, if the weather is nice, sit outside at Fouquet's and have something light (my choice); and try not to look at the egregious prices.

    1. We had a great dinner at Le W, a Michelin one-star. Reasonably priced, comfortable atmosphere, and interesting dishes.