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Romantic(ish) Lunch in the Quarter?

So far, anytime I have asked for recs on this board, y'all have come through in droves. Taking my wife to NO Friday for her birthday, and looking for something a bit special. Actually doesn't have to be in the FQ, but we are going to end up there and walk off a bit of whatever we eat for lunch. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. August, Bistro at the Maison DeVille, Rib Room.

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      Commander's Palace. That way you see both the garden district and the quarter. Tell them it's your wife's birthday when you male the reservation.

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        CP is quite a walk from the Quarter! I second Bistro at Maison de Ville and the Rib Room and would add the Windsor Court, Bayona, private room at Antoine's.

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          Didn't recommend walking. Taxi would give nice view of the garden district. If one must stay in the quarter, I would add Muriel's to the above list.

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            Or better yet, ride the streetcar to Washington Ave, then back downtown to walk in the FQ.

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            I agree with you on Bayona, but I feel that the food at Bistro at Maison de Ville has gone down hill. As for it being Romantic(ish) ? It depends on how you hit it. It can go either way,

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          I agree that Commander's is the place. Fine food and service...and romantic.
          Take the St. Charles trolley to Washington St., then walk the two blocks to the restaurant. Lots of fun.

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            I agree with the CP recommendation. We did the same on our recent visit to NOLA and other than Stella, it was the highlight of the trip. Whatever you do don't forget to have the bread pudding souffle and request either the garden or patio rooms (in our case the garden room was closed for lunch). We were offered a very nice tour of the restaurant after our fantastic meal. Have a great time.

        3. Within walking distance of the FQ, I second August and Bayona.

          1. Cafe Amelie at 912 Royal is very nice and has a comfortable outdoor dining area. Not as fancy as August but meets your requirements without trouble.

            1. Right now I am leaning towards August- but keeping Bayona on top of the 'next time' list, along with a few others.

              1. Bayona, first choice (just had my B/D dinner there last month), Cafe Amelie second choice. Enjoy!

                1. We went to August, and I have to say it was one of the best dining experiences I have had. We may not do the fine dining thing very often, and this made us look at each other across the table when we were done and say "We really should do this on a more regular basis."
                  My wife started with the organic greens with pumpkin brittle (I had to keep stealing pieces of the brittle, very yum), while I had the warm spring vegetables with a slow poached egg. I have to say that the pacing of everything worked really well, and we never felt hurried at any point. We then had the trout, and the crawfish entrees. I know I should have paid a bit more attention to the description of these dishes, but I thought I would have been able to look up the menu when I got home, but please just take me at my word that everything was wonderful. The service was tops, and we enjoyed having John Besh come out, greet everyone and wish my wife a happy birthday.
                  All in all, a wonderful time, and I highly recommend August to anyone looking for someplace special in New Orleans.
                  Thanks to everyone who gave tips, and we already have picked out the next few places we want to try.

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                    Glad you enjoyed it. Put Cuvee on your short list for a Wed/Thur lunch. IMO on par with August. Commanders' garden room is a different lunch experience but worthwhile for a good time/good food.

                    1. re: JazzyB

                      My "To be tried soon" list so far is the following (in no real order)
                      Galatoire (been loving the Baton Rouge Version)
                      and now adding Cuvee

                      1. re: RobandLot

                        Bayona is our favorite and we always eat there when we are in NOLA.

                        Last time we met my brother and sister-in-law for a long weekend in NOLA and ate at Cochon one night. We were all so undecided about what to order, so we all ordered something different, passed everything around, compared, ranked and rated, and ooohed and aaaahed. It was a great deal of fun and the food was wonderful. We'll be in town next week with all of our kids and Cochon is definitely on our list.

                        1. re: agood

                          In the FQ, Bayona would be my first choice, also.

                          Happy birthday to the wife,


                  2. you could start w/ drinks on the rooftop of the Omni Royal Orleans, then go to the Rib Room for lunch. sit at one of the tables facing Royal Street. the pool bar should be open by now, and it has a great view of the Fr. Qtr., the River and the CBD! just up the block, you can take a ride at the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone, and there are many fine shops on Royal for a surprise BDay spree! if day turns to night, a carriage ride is in order. be sure to go to Vieux Carre' Wine and Spirits first for bubbles and glasses for the ride, if that's your fancy.