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May 21, 2008 07:51 AM

Romantic(ish) Lunch in the Quarter?

So far, anytime I have asked for recs on this board, y'all have come through in droves. Taking my wife to NO Friday for her birthday, and looking for something a bit special. Actually doesn't have to be in the FQ, but we are going to end up there and walk off a bit of whatever we eat for lunch. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. August, Bistro at the Maison DeVille, Rib Room.

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    1. re: JazzyB

      Commander's Palace. That way you see both the garden district and the quarter. Tell them it's your wife's birthday when you male the reservation.

      1. re: Plano Rose

        CP is quite a walk from the Quarter! I second Bistro at Maison de Ville and the Rib Room and would add the Windsor Court, Bayona, private room at Antoine's.

        1. re: bronwen

          Didn't recommend walking. Taxi would give nice view of the garden district. If one must stay in the quarter, I would add Muriel's to the above list.

          1. re: Plano Rose

            Or better yet, ride the streetcar to Washington Ave, then back downtown to walk in the FQ.

          2. re: bronwen

            I agree with you on Bayona, but I feel that the food at Bistro at Maison de Ville has gone down hill. As for it being Romantic(ish) ? It depends on how you hit it. It can go either way,

        2. re: JazzyB

          I agree that Commander's is the place. Fine food and service...and romantic.
          Take the St. Charles trolley to Washington St., then walk the two blocks to the restaurant. Lots of fun.

          1. re: Dick814

            I agree with the CP recommendation. We did the same on our recent visit to NOLA and other than Stella, it was the highlight of the trip. Whatever you do don't forget to have the bread pudding souffle and request either the garden or patio rooms (in our case the garden room was closed for lunch). We were offered a very nice tour of the restaurant after our fantastic meal. Have a great time.

        3. Within walking distance of the FQ, I second August and Bayona.

          1. Cafe Amelie at 912 Royal is very nice and has a comfortable outdoor dining area. Not as fancy as August but meets your requirements without trouble.

            1. Right now I am leaning towards August- but keeping Bayona on top of the 'next time' list, along with a few others.

              1. Bayona, first choice (just had my B/D dinner there last month), Cafe Amelie second choice. Enjoy!