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Le Bernardin

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Did anyone read The Washingtonian story about Le Bernardin?

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  1. You mean the story about Eric Ripert's new bistro in DC -- and the rest of his mini-empire? Yes, it has been discussed here already.

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      The article is online now: http://www.washingtonian.com/articles...

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        sorry i missed that, thx for letting me know. i just read it and it bugged me. the guy is a very awkward first-person writer. when he leaves himself out of the story, it's excellent. when he puts himself in the story, it's kind of creepy. he's telling Ripert what soup to serve --- awful. he eats expensive meals and gets deluxe treatment and then criticizes Le Bernardin for providing it --- biting the hand that feeds him. so he knocks what he received to make himself beyond criticism for accepting it in the first place. perverted logic. sleezy to me. he's not a very good restaurant critic, that's for sure.