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May 21, 2008 07:26 AM

Lobster in Calgary??

My daughter would like to try lobster for her 13th birthday dinner. I was thinking of taking her to 'Red Lobster' for a tail or two.

Just wondering if the Calgary hounders had any other suggestions. I think she would prefer a traditional presentation (butter, etc.) rather than asian, etc., but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. For what you pay at Red Loster, please look somewhere else. Red Lobster consistently overcooks the lobster, turning it into elastic band like texture and taste. For something in the same price range, I suggest trying out the Keg. I think its still Lobster Summer there.

    1. What about picking up some live ones at Boyd's or Billingsgate and cooking them at home? It may be her birthday, but it would be great fun to boil some yourself, put a plastic tablecloth on the table and bring out the crackers to work your way through the shells. Buy the smaller canner lobsters and avoid the market size ones. Accompanied with melted butter/mayo/potato salad and maybe a nice pinot gris and you've got a great birthday dinner.

      (I know I would have loved that when I turned 13...)

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        I second that, I always enjoy lobster the most when done at home. Then you can ensure that it's cooked properly. You could maybe do a fun and casual seafood thing add some clams for who wants them plus corn on the cob. Lay down tons of newspaper on the table. A little tip from Martha that works : When the lobsters are finished, cut just a smidgen off the tip of each claw. This will drain the lobster better a leave less of a watery mess on your plate.

      2. Depends on your daughter as well. I introduced my 7-year-old daughter to a Chinese cuisine lobster prepared with a cream sauce over noodles, and she absolutely loved it (much to my wallet's chagrin).

        She loves Alfredo sauces, hence this approach...

        1. Everything at Red Lobster comes prepackaged and is "cooked" in a mocrowave, YUCK!
          I'd second the Keg, but the seasonal special might still be crab?
          But it would be WAY cooler to boil them at home, with corn and potatoes....dump it all out on the days newspaper and have a blast licking the butter off your fingers. And you could always have pizza as back up just incase.
          Head out for cake to somewhere super special, like Nectar. Or bring home really special cupcakes from one of the "it" places in town.

          1. mmmm lobster ,can i cooking one at home would be the best,nothing like home cooking.get her to drop the critter in the water for a truely hands on exp.remember they are not screams ,its steam ,but it tastes so much better done like that,all you need is butter.

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            1. re: howlin

              Boil Water in pot.
              Place live lobster in another pot, off the heat.
              Cover lobster with boiling water, cover pot, and keep off the heat for 2-4 minutes, depending on size.
              Remove meat, and poach in butter for a few minutes more.

              This is perhaps not as fun as boiling and plating, and having all the fun of cracking the lobster apart at the table...but it is the most amazing flavour of lobster you will ever my humble opinoin.