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May 21, 2008 05:27 AM

Habanero Grill, Rockport (ME): Don't bother

This new eatery on Rt. 1 should be avoided by all CH. Looks nice on outside and inside, friendly Mexican owner and staff BUT...absolutely nothing authentic or tasty here. My enchilada verde contained something vaguely resembling hunks of stewed (?) pork, and nothing else. If there was green chili in the dish, I was unable to discern it. The tortilla that wrapped it was bland and soggy, and the "cheese" was 3 dabs of something that might or might not have been cheese decorating the outside. Black beans were....well, black beans. Rice, unbelievably, was apparently pre-cooked and from a box. In total, no flavor, no heat, no nothing. Other diners had a seabood enchillada which I tasted: again, totally bland. I dared not taste anything else.

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  1. The name alone raises my suspicians, too chainy sounding...

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    1. re: Sean

      We locals call it Habanuttin -- pass this one by.

    2. BELAY that flame! H's is FINE and the recipes ARE authentic BUT they taste like home cooked food from mexicans in mexico! The green-pork-chili panned by other reviewers is a classic GPC except for one thing: this has huge pieces of pork. For the uninitiated, GPC is a poor-man's food usually made with leftover bits of pork chopped up quite small.

      The owners & staff are mostly from mexico (just don't shout, "immigraciĆ³n!" or you'll get trampled.) I'm sure if you want more "heat" they will gladly give it to you, just realize most mexican food isn't very spicy.

      These guys hold there own against the others in the area and they easily are the most authentic. (My favorite is Sunfire Grill in RKD because we've been going there for the longest time.) The atmosphere is family but what do you expect for a burrito dinner anyway?

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      1. re: Farnam897

        I don't disagree with you, F, that Mexican-in-Mexico is different, but my major comment was that everything was essentially tasteless: authentic or not, it seems to me that something that's supposed to include green chili should taste of green chili, at least a little! One small sprig of cilantro was the only flavor on the plate. And I'd happily trade huge pieces of pork for smaller shreds mixed with other things.
        I am a great fan of the food at El Camino in Brunswick, where excellent local ingredients are combined in interesting ways, with lots of flavor (and not much heat) for the same or less money than at Habanero.

      2. This place used to be called "Su Casa", also "Mexican" cuisine. It was bought and renamed by its current owners during the off-season. I haven't been yet since it was bought.

        I did visit the last incarnation, and was not impressed. I'll leave it at that. However as I said, apparently its a completely different restaurant now.

        I do agree with Farnam though, authentic Mexican food is not the spicy Americanized version most of us are familiar with. I also enjoy Sunfire Grill in Rockland. The food is pretty good for the price, and the service is great.