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May 21, 2008 12:07 AM

Anything Good And Reasonably Priced In London?

I've been to London multiple times and have had good food (mostly sweets, tea, and Indian Food), for which I have had to mortgage the house. So, it now looks like I'll be there for a day (Sunday morning to Monday morning). I was wondering whether any hounds could steer me to something inexpensive on those days, while being good at the same time. By inexpensive, I was hoping for something around 10 pounds per meal. I will have 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner. Maybe a good fish and chips place for lunch or dinner?

A search showed an old thread on this topic from 2005, but they were looking in the 15 pound or so range, and I don't know whether any of those recommendations are still viable.

Lost cause?

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  1. For about 20 pounds you can eat a nice filling dinner at St. John (if you skip starter, desert and drinks). I know thats double what you are asking, but I just ate there a few weeks ago and had a great time. I had 4 or 5 pints of beer, bone marrow starter, smoked eel main, a side of greens and a ginger bread w caramel sauce (could eat this everyday if it didn't entail a trip across the pond) and my gf had starter, main, side and split the desert with me; we both left completely stuffed and the bill was slightly over 30 pounds p.p.

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      I might skip the drinks, but I might just eat the starter and dessert as the main course. Not big on things like marrow, eel, sweetbreads, game meats, organ meats, foie gras, that kind of thing, but do they have other stuff? If I do have a pint or two, I wouldn't count that toward the 10 pounds. I know that can raise the price significantly.

      I could do a 20 pound dinner, but then I would hope to find a lunch around 8 pounds and a breakfast around 6 pounds (again, scones/sweets and tea is fine for me for breakfast, as long as they're really, really good). And, of course, finding a great dinner for less would be nice. Also, I wouldn't mind something like a pasty or something -- I remember a Cornish Pie Shop near Leicester Square that had something pretty decent. I guess my goal here is real value for the money. Something delicious (more delicious than filling, since I don't eat huge quantities of food, anyway) but at a great price.

      Just found out that Borough Market is closed on Sundays, which is a shame, since I'm considering going to the Tate Modern in the daytime.

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        That is remarkable - did it include the beer? That has got to be at least £15 of the bill?

      2. Have you seen the thread about a college student visiting London? There were a lot of really good low cost ideas in that thread.

        1. Do a search for fish and chips in London - it's been discussed a lot and I forget which one is currently regarded as the best.

          Just a tip - a lot of the high end restaurants do very reasonable set menus at lunch so if you avoid wine, you can get a very good deal. Have a look on as well - there are loads of special offers all over London.

          Are you looking for reccs in any particular area?

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            If you like Indian food, Kastoori in Tooting is excellent and cheap. It's a way from the centre but near the tube. Many greasy spoon cafes will do you a fantastic breakfast for about £5. The cafe at Tate Modern is reasonably good and will probably fit into your price band. There is a good cafe at Southwark Cathedral (near Borough Market, not far from Tate Mod) which has nice cakes and is a lovely place for lunch. Also near Borough Market is Konditor and Cook which has excellent cakes and isn't expensive.

            1. re: DollyDagger

              "Are you looking for reccs in any particular area?"

              Not really. I'm expecting to get a tube pass for the day, so anything within the zones on the pass is good. I'm staying out near Heathrow, but am planning on covering London on Sunday. Not doing much sightseeing. . . this is about my 7th trip there, and I've done everything from Stonehenge to South Shields to Southhampton, and everything in between. So, this is just a quick trip (for the miles), and I'm going to be back in July for a week for the real trip.

            2. Try:
              Sadya in Balham for Keralan (if you're willing to travel a bit).

              Grazing at the Borough Market e.g. the grilled cheese sandwich from the raclette stall, the chorizo sandwich from the stall in front of the Brindisa shop, pies from the Ginger Pig.

              Tea at Postcard Teas in Mayfair for tea.

              The Golden Hind in Marylebone is a popular chowhound recommendation for fish & chips.

              The Brazilian stall at Brick Lane market, (open on Sundays), good salgadinhos.

              Wonton noodles at Hung Tao in Bayswater.

              Kiasu in Bayswater for Laksa.

              C&R in Chinatown for the Wat Dan Ho (flat kway teow style rice noodles with a egg gravy, veg, meat and seafood).

              1. Just had lovely fish from the North Sea Fish Restaurant on Leigh St near Russell Square for lunch yesterday. The sit down restaurant is very good, but over your budget [and mine.] So my daughter and I bought a jumbo takeway at the shop to the side, walked to the park and split a huge portion. The cost [without drinks] was £5.60. I prefer crispier fries, but the fish was delicious and there was no way we could possibly finish the mountain of chips.