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May 20, 2008 08:59 PM

Which cooking school or class series to take in the Seattle area?

Looking to sharpen our cooking skills and learn some new techniques. Recommendations?

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      1. re: cocktailhour

        Ditto on Culinary Communion. I've taken about 60 classes there and eventually did an apprenticeship with the head instructor. Warm, relaxed environment, interesting classes focused on technique, and CIA-trained instructors.

      2. I have taken a few classes at Cooks World near U. Village. Not all were great, but the Go Fish class with Steve Smyrstik of the Pink Door was great! I think their guest chefs like him are probably better than staff teachers.

        1. I have really enjoyed the classes at Cook's World.....lots of variety of teachers & subjects, you really learn addition to it being fun....

          1. Dish it Up! in Magnolia has good classes. The one took with a local cake decorator/pastry chef named Carol was a lot of fun.

            1. northgate community center (206/684-7080) offers a changing series of quirky culinary classes (DON'T LET YOUR MEAT LOAF; TEA FOR TWO OR TWENTY) all in the evenings & geared for working folk - given enough participants, they can organize customized classes - being an adjunct of the city of seattle, the prices are quite reasonable

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              1. re: howard 1st

                Culinary Communion definitely gets a nod - their wine tasting classes are a lot of fun, check those out if you get a chance!

                Cook's World is pretty good too - I took a couple of bread baking classes there and really enjoyed them.