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May 20, 2008 07:57 PM

New food festival in Franklin, TN

franklin food & spirits festival in franklin. saw a link this morning on a blog about a pig on main street franklin, linked to the site for the festival and saw the chefs they had attending, two of which are john fleer and sean brock. the southern foodways alliance is involved also. im definitely going. surprised though that i have not seen any advertising about this in/around the nashville area.

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  1. I agree, cracker! I think this is the most significant barbecue-related event to happen in Middle Tennessee in a long time. Yet there's been very little if any coverage.

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    1. re: jamiecarroll

      When is this happening, how many days, and is it just barbecue?

      1. re: shallots

        no its not just bbq, its a whole bunch of southern related stuff. here is what ive heard/found out thus far; its southern microbreweries, bourbon distilleries, southern cooking (lovelace cafe, princes, other famous places throughout the south), celebration of community supported agriculture, doc. films, southern authors/historians. the site is its really exciting, but i still for the life of me cant figure out how/why im just now finding out about this less than two weeks before the event.

      2. If anyone goes, please post your thoughts and let us know if it will happen again next year. I can't attend this year, but would love to do something like this and have it on the calendar for next year.

        1. Did anyone attend? Please post - this could be a great focal point for a vacation!