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May 20, 2008 07:50 PM

So, where was the fingertip??? HK question

The show is going to do wonders for my insomnia. It's getting boring. Nothing new, nothing different. Big mouths, cattyness, backstabbing, blah blah blah. How did the blue kitchen suddenly become so good at service?

The editors I think are the stars of the show - they can make all kinds of thing appear.

Still waiting on the mystery chef!

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  1. I would try and get on the show next season, but I'm not a smoker so I don't think I'm eligible.

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    1. re: mcmuffin

      It's surprising how they are all smokers. And, how they couldn't taste the food in the blind taste test.

    2. And it's sort of telling that many here on CH are no longer watching it with no posting about it. Beginning of the season - lots of posts in weekly threads. Now - not so much. I chose not to watch last night--I'm done with it. I'll read the TWoP synopsis and know pretty much everything (and enjoy the reading more than I would have watching).

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        I've never really watched it before. It's terrible--like the worst of reality shows with the cattiness and drama. There isn't good cooking. How did they manage to find a whole crew where no one is likeable? Please tell me that Chef Ramsey would want any of them to run a new restaurant???

      2. I am hoping Gordons big announcement next week is that all the contestants lose, none of these cooks could run a restaurant kitchen, or even hold down a position as a line cook.

        I really dislike Jen, she is mouthy, rude, and not a very good cook. I was hoping LewRoss would tell her to s.t.f.u., when she was ranting last night. I was also hoping the guys team would lose, and she would get voted off.

        1. OOOOkaaay, I watched it. Nothing else was on, so I watched. What a group, I find that it's just so amazing that any made it to the show.

          I am not a fan of Jen, she is turning out to be a nasty bully. I disdain bullies and she has proven more more than once that she can't be in a team environment. Her attitude is sabotaging the blue team now. But the kicker for me is that she lied to Chef Ramsay on tape! "Yes chef, we're a team..bla." What a dummy. Toss her.

          Oh my and the the finger tip?
          It was in the pan with burned garnishes, the one that Roseann tossed! (oops!)

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          1. re: chef chicklet

            I thought it was in the other pan with the pancetta and thought it was Corey who cooked it.

            Who knows with the moronic editing on that show.

            1. re: HarryK

              Oh you're probably right I was just joking!
              Pretty gross though!

              1. re: chef chicklet

                Gross as it was you have to love the Ramsay line where he dead-panned: "Now it's a 21-ingredient challenge."

            2. re: chef chicklet

              Don't forget she also wanted LouRoss to lie about having used the rendered fat from the veal chop to cook the fish - so that indeed they could claim they had used all 20 ingredients - since he chose not to put it on his plate... and he did that why???? The whole lying thing is just as bad as last year's contestant pulling spaghetti out of the garbage - at least that was funny.

              1. re: maisonbistro

                yes that's right. She's bad news. So good for him for just admitting the truth, she should be dumped.If she'll lie about a thing like that, maybe they should take a better look at her application.

            3. The show has finally "jumped the shark" with the finger tip editing mystery.

              I'm sitting thinking... "Is this scripted? How can someone cut off their fingertip?"

              For any professionals still reading this question...
              I noticed on the show the kitchens seem to cook one order/table at a time.

              Is this typical in a high-end restaurant?
              I guess I imagine many many tables/orders being cooked at once. I find it hard to believe that they can mess up orders cooking one table at a time... at least it appears thats what is being done.

              Also, when cooking salmon... someone called out 7 minutes and I believe Corey mentioned in the voice over that it should take 2.
              That sounds very quick to me...

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              1. re: dave_c

                How can someone cut off their fingertip?"

                Is that a serious question? I've seen it done more than once. After 30 years in professional kitchens I've seen a lot of stupid stuff. I once had an assistant that was just learning to sharpen his knife and just thought he was so cool. Every time he would use the three way stone instead of using a towel to clean his knife he would run the blade across his ass. It was the weirdest thing and I warned him multiple times. Finally one day he did it and sliced right through his checks and laid his cheek wide open. An entire crew of about 40 stopped working to come and laugh at his dumb ass. He left for stitches and I never saw him again.
                Lets just say loosing the tip of your finger is a lot more common......LOL