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May 20, 2008 06:57 PM

PDX 30th Birthday Dinner

For her 30th Birthday my GF has invited her friends up to her parents farm in the Portland area. None of us including the GF has ever lived in the area (parents recently retired and moved).

So I am stuck in charge of finding a place for us to go out to eat in the city on Saturday night. The main objective is to find a fun place, this group of friends is going to be a little loud so we need to find a place where that that will be ok in without disturbing others.

Things to know:
- Any kind of food is welcome but we all live in the Bay area so we already frequent many types of Asian places.
- Group will be 8 people
- One vegetarian but she is flexible and always finds something to eat.

So far Karam looks interesting, as does Mama Mia Trattoria other Suggestions? A good bar is also a plus.

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  1. I had my 40th in Tabla's private room/library. We sat 12/13 in there and they have a good bar/wine list. I had veggie folk and carnivores and everyone found something to please them. They did not charge us for use of the room and they let us bring in a cake (no charge). Haven't been there in a while, so call and check with them.

    1. Do you have a budget in mind? You mentioned that you're frequent Asian places in the Bay Area, does that mean that you prefer them?

      Rattling off a few recent group events, Vindalho in SE Clinton and Dang's Thai Kitchen in Lake Oswego. My Brother's Crawfish on SE 82nd and Harrison will also do a large group, and nothing pleases a crowd like a crawfish boil.

      On the finer end of the spectrum, my heart currently belongs to Alberta St Oyster Bar and Grill.