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May 20, 2008 06:31 PM

Frog Legs??

Where should I go to get some delicious ones?

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  1. I had a delicious frog leg appetizer at Le W, but check to make sure they are still serving them, as this was a year and a half ago.

    1. There's always Roger le Grenouille.

        1. That was the specialty of Bernard Loiseau, and you can have them in some of his restaurants -- the fancy one in Saulieu in Burgundy and also the Parisian one Tante Marguerite rue de Bourgogne. I know few restaurants that have it on the menu on a permanent basis, that said. It's become harder to get than it once was. In any case, call the restaurant in advance.

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          1. re: souphie

            awesome thanks for the advice guys. I think i may either go to Roger the Frog or Au Moulinvent Ill report back in a few months lol

            1. re: FoodDude2

              3 places that always feature them are Chez René, Escargot Montorgeuil and their sister resaurant, Royal Madeleine

              1. re: Laidback

                I just walked past le royal turenne (on rue turenne in the marais) on my way home tonight and noticed that they serve frog legs - not sure how good they are, but they seem to be a permanent fixture on the menu