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Tuscan Grill... oh well

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I grew up in a burb west of Boston, and I remember the buzz among food-aware adults when the Tuscan Grill opened in Waltham during my teen years. "There's a new place that's good, and it's in Waltham!?!" A lot has changed since then, in Waltham and all around the metro area.

I had an opportunity to have dinner at the Tuscan Grill recently with some family members. I hadn't been there in... more years than i care to admit. In short, it was tremendously disappointing. Whether the restaurant has truly fallen from great heights or my bar has just risen to a proper chowhound level really doesn't matter at this point.

So, now to the dirty details. A "tempura" softshell crab app was battered as thick as a pancake and not cooked through. Salmon was okay but the risotto it was served with was impossibly bad. Terrifically salty with a powerful taste of canned chicken soup. I don't think they're making their own stock. Monkfish was tough and dry, and the rather flavorful ratatouille it was served with was far too oily.

There are better restaurants in Waltham. Thank goodness.

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