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May 20, 2008 05:35 PM

minyon & kosher food for vacation

I need to find a family vacation spot in the northeast where kosher food & daily minyonim are available in JUNE. Could be by a beach/ lake or any place with recreational facilities. Any ideas?

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  1. Hunter Mountain, NY. I forget what town, but there are two shuls (fairly frum) as well as a kosher supermarket.

    Or find where chabads are located.

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      I think you are talking about Tannersville, NY. I've been there in the summer- there's a large Breuer's crowd there. There's a kosher market and a packed shul. Not sure if they have a daily minyan in the off-season.

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        Do you know the name of the shuls and if they are walking distance from places to stay?

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          I believe that websterhall is right and that it is Tannersville, NY. It is a small town so everything is walking distance. As for their names, I don't know.

      2. This seems to be a fairly general question. The Northeast is an incredibly large region, going from Maine down to Maryland. There are many places that fit the description of a place with recreational facilities (and even that is a fairly general term), and many have minyanim nearby. I spent a nice vacation once in Newport, Rhode Island, nearby the Touro Synagogue. Portland Maine has a shul. Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Washington DC, and dozens of other places also do. I think you really need to decide and state a bit more specifically where you want to go. Then people here can perhaps help you find places to eat.

        1. Can't get better than New York City vicinity. Boro Park in Brooklyn has a few kosher hotels that are open all year round. Talk about daily minyonim, outside of the Kotel, there is probably no where on earth where there are more davening choices. From there you are a short distance from all the Broadway shows; around Coney Island you have the Aquarium, beaches, and rides for the kids. You can go on fishing boats at Sheepshead Bay, boat rides around Manhattan, museums, art galleries, shopping. As to eating choices, you could go to a different restaurant for every meal.

          1. This looks like a nice choice:
            Just know that the Atlantic can be really COLD in June.

            1. There's a place called the Ocean Place resort in Long Branch, NJ. There are daily minyanim and plenty of kosher restaurants in Deal 5 minutes away. The hotel is decent but very expensive (they are the only non-one-star motel in the area). They have a great spa too. You may be able to get a good deal in June.

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                The hotel is very nice.They are right on the ocean. They charge for a refrigerator. There is a coffee maker in the room. They are about 45 minutes from Great Adventure and about an hour from Atlantic City. There is shopping ,golf and bowling nearby. They are also near the Jersey shore resort towns.