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May 20, 2008 04:57 PM

Abba Herring

I picked up a couple of jars of Abba Herring while at a Denninger's in Hamilton a few weeks back, and remembered how much I like it (I got a garlic cream sauce, and an aquavit marinade with orange peel). Anybody know where I can get more in downtown T.O.?

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  1. If you're fond of Denninger's, you owe yourself a trip to Brandt Meats in Mississauga. Great factory-fresh cured meats and wurst plus a wide range of German/Mittel Europe products. And yes, there's a good selection of Abba and other herring brands.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      Thanks – I've been meaning to try to get out there. I'm sure Brandt is great, and it's certainly closer than Denninger's (which I truly am fond of). I'm still hoping to find a source closer than Etobicoke...

      1. re: deepcreek

        IKEA does carry a very limited range of Abba herring but not the types you're after. Just go to Brandt--load up and be happy! North Fish in Etobicoke is worth a visit for smoked/cured fish, too.

    2. I bought some Abba Herring at IKEA in Minneapolis and I'm not impressed.

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      1. re: JimGrinsfelder

        Wow – that's way further than Etobicoke!

      2. Try calling Milbree-Viking on Laird (just S of Eglinton). They are a Finnish deli - and the Finns know herring! I don't know if they have it, but it is worth a try

        133 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V5, CA

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        1. re: mac n cheeze

          second Milbree-Viking for great smoked fish and other items but when you look at their online list of imported fish products, Abba's not there -

          Starsky's is a good bet -

          2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

          133 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V5, CA

          1. re: JamieK

            Fair. My line of thinking was that they may have something similar to the OPs liking that would be closer than Hamilton or the Ikea in Minneapolis :)

            1. re: mac n cheeze

              I agree, plus online business does always reflect in-store reality.

          2. re: mac n cheeze

            I quite like this place, but I can never get out without buying nearly one of everything! And then I end up forgetting what I've bought. Occurs to me suddenly that I probably still have a can of their Norwegian fish balls in my cupboard...(actress/bishop etc.)

            1. re: deepcreek

              Went to Brandt's today. The Abba herring you want is there.

          3. I bet Starsky would have it. They have an entire herring section - including bulk and packaged offerings.