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May 20, 2008 04:42 PM

Cocktail Party Appetizers

I am so unimpressed looking around the internet for cocktail party appetizers. I am all set with dips and capanes and bruscetta & predictable flavor combinations...I'm looking for something a little more inventive & this is one of the only places I trust for people that know what food is supposed to tase like. Anyone have anything new/not boring?

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  1. Grape truffles - grapes covered in a combo of cream cheese and blue cheese and rolled in chopped nuts

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      These are fabulous - everyone loved them!

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        I couldn't find the recipe on that site for the grape truffles. Can you post it? They sound fabulous. Thanks

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          Original was mix 1/2 blue cheese & 1/2 goat cheese but I don't like goat cheese so here's what I did

          1/2 maytag blue cheese - any soft blue will do and 1/2 marscarpone cheese (you could use cream cheese), Mix together. Take a small amount in your hand and form it around the grape. Then roll in chopped pistachios (tho you could probably use other nuts) If you make the cheese thinner, you could do this as a "dip" kind of thing.

      2. gazpacho shots / shrimp garnish
        roasted figs, stuffed with gorgonzola, wrapped in bacon
        scallops wrapped in bacon
        mini phyllo wrapped spinach and feta
        tandoori chicken sticks
        marinated mussels
        spring rolls

        Hope these help, have a great time.

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          I have seen a couple of appetizer recipes posted recently that call for figs and I am you buy these in your regular grocery store? I can rarely find dried figs, let alone fresh ones.

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            i usually buy fresh figs at the farmers market...but also can find them in the local grocery store.

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              I know I've seen them (fresh) in my local markets around the Holidays (Christmas).....but haven't looked lately. Dried ones are usually there year round.

          2. I've recently been investigating tapas recipes. Here is an alternative to quince paste to serve with Manchego cheese that sounds really good.


            Along the pear theme, Penelope Casas' book, Tapas, has a recipe for Pear and Spinach in Puff Pastry. Chopped pear and spinach in a cream sauce in a bite sized puff pastry shell. Haven't tried, but it's calling to me.

            1. halved figs drizzled with balsamic and topped with mascarpone
              breadsticks or melon wrapped in proscuitto
              strawberries with cream cheese/yogurt dip

              1. here's any easy different app:

                Lay out slices of prosciuto to form a large rectangle (overlapping sides and ends slightly). Spread on marscapone cheese (at room temp), and layer on some fresh basil. Roll up into plastic wrap and chill. When ready to service, slice into 3/4 inch rounds.

                Sausage-stuffed mushrooms are always a hit.
                And shrimp seem to evaporate at any party.
                Eggplant rollatini -- Nigella uses feta, mint and chiles.

                Beyond that, you should check out Penelope Casas' updated "Tapas" cookbook.