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May 20, 2008 03:15 PM

Italian Catering in lower Westchester?

Hi Everyone...
I posted something like this a while ago and received some great feedback. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for places to cater in some trays for a party we are having this weekend.

I have tried numerous places and have found one that we LOVE... A Mangiare...the only problem is that they are closed on Sunday (which is when we need the trays).
I have also tried Zuccharelli's and we really weren't impressed (I'm sorry to say). I have also tried a few other places but have yet to find any that we love as much as A Mangiare. I'm sort of in "crunch" time right now b/c I was really counting on them.

I have read some reviews about Dante's and am hesistant to use them b/c of the "attitude".

Has anyone heard or know anything of Cappricio Italian Deli in Yonkers?

Any help would be great! Thanks so much! I'm such a procrastinator...Ahhhh


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  1. spiga in scarsdale may do that. also what's the deli across from TJ Maxx- the authentic italian deli- is that Dante's also?
    Mamaroneck ave. in mamaroneck has an authentic italian as well.
    What exactly were you looking for? What foods did you order in the past?

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    1. re: yeshana

      Just looking for basic dishes...Chicken parm, francese, a few pasta dishes...nothing difficult. I think the place across from TJ Maxx is Dantes (never been there), but people say that they aren't great to deal with. I may be going with them anyway. Spiga is a good idea...I may try's the same owners as Pizza & Brew right?

      1. re: amybeth451

        yes, raccanelli- they also own the tex mex next door. the only restaurant that's good is their Spiga. Tell them you are VERY nervous about quality and to make sure it's fabulous! Tell them it's your first time ordering from them and you do this constantly- return business and favorable reviews are inportant to business.
        Taste pizza n brew- probably cheaper and the one in scarsdale can be godd- when they first opened( I was a teen living right up the road- ) they were excellent.

        1. re: yeshana

          Racanelli in Rye Ridge owns Spiga and Pizza and Brew AND a Tex Mex restaurant? Wow.

          I wasn't thrilled with Spiga's brunch but did like Racanelli's pizza a lot.

          amybeth, since they're the same owner, you can go to Racanelli too. And get a wonderul Napoleon cake from Cerbone bakery right next door!

          1. re: dolores

            It's an extended family situation with a brother/cousin conflict that split all P&B's and the other restaurants opened years ago- one brother does better than the others- I believe they have a P&B up north westchester as well.

    2. Go to Arthur ave. if you can- probably just as far as some parts of westchester and far superior!

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      1. re: yeshana

        Arthur Ave. is a great idea but I don't know if I'll have time being that ideally I'd like them to deliver to me if they can. But if I can get there, do you have a specific name of a place???

        1. re: amybeth451

          don't know the name- ask chow hounders. it's the deli/grocer- big one across from the restaurants. it's on the strip and they always have samples.

      2. How about Carlo's on Tuckahoe Rd. in Yonkers, just outside of Bronxville? As far as Arthur Ave. , I am not sure who delivers to Westchester, but I like Tino's food a lot.

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        1. re: vvvindaloo

          Never had an attitude problem at Dante's, not sure where that came from. Did a party with them in December and the food was awesome.

          Try Abatino's on No. Broadway in White Plains. The chef, and pizza, is good! They have their own specialty pizza like "pan pizza" with fresh tomatoes, or my favorite (of theirs), the BBQ chicken pizza (I never eat it anywhere else), even the chicken marsala pizza is good. They make their own gnocchi, too.

          Also, Park Deli on Regent St. in Port Chester is another favorite. Love their meatballs.