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May 20, 2008 03:07 PM

PHX Centro Paninoteca vs Bomberos

Anyone been to either of these places recently? Looking for a place to meet a friend after work for small food and to hang out awhile. Can't decide between the two. Any other suggestions in the N. Phoenix/N Scottsdale area.

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  1. Haven't been to Centro in months. The last time we went, the owner wasn't there cooking himself and our sandwiches were pretty bad. Cold in the middle and not what they usually were on our previous visits.

    1. I find Bomberos to be maintaining their quality beautifully. I think they were very smart to start the menu off very simple -- much better to do a short list of things well, rather than a big list of "eh". And I've always found it to be really comfortable to hang.

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      1. I was at Bomberos last weekend, and it was very good. Interesting wine selection, and the bruschetta my friend and I split was well done.
        I'd also recommend Tapino at Scottsdale and Shea.

        1. Went to Bomberos last Saturday night, the three of us sat on the patio. We loved the atmosphere and had excellent service. Two of us had beer, both styles were excellent and the other had a nice Sauvignon Blanc. Our waiter recommended all drink selections and was spot on. We order the bruschetta trio and olives. They didn't stand a chance! Everything was delishes and we all look forward to going again.

          1. Went to Bomberos last night and loved it. The place has a lot of character especially outside at night. the food was good. we had the bruschetta and a cheese plate. It was more food than I thought it was going to be. very good.

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              We are planning on going again tonight. I would love to try a cheese plate. Do they have any desserts yet? I can't recall if they added some. When they first opend they were not offering desserts. I see I should have spelled checked my prior post! LOL Delishes? LOL Oh well.

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                Four of us went to Bomberos 2 weeks ago and we had a very nice time. We had veggi Panini, cheese plate (Manchego, Bri and Gorgonzola), meat plate and a bottle of Chile Merlot. We also had chocolate mousse cake and fruit tart for dessert. We loved the atmosphere and food was very good. The outdoor patio area makes this place stand out. We will go back soon before the weather turns permanent above 100.

                1. re: aquablue

                  Actually, with tonight's cold weather, Bombero's fire pit and a glass of malbec sounds great.

                  1. re: ajs228

                    Yep, was thinking the same thing!

                2. re: Lala0310

                  The cheese plate was good. rather large I think for the price. I'd be interested in knowing how large the meat plate is.

                  1. re: arizonagirl

                    The ‘Specialty Meats’ comes with Prosciutto, Spanish chorizo and Salami. All were excellent quality. It had 4 to 6 slices of each meat, olives and roasted peppers on the plate. I thought it was good value.

                    1. re: aquablue

                      As an addendum, we had the "Specialty Meat" platter, and the Salami was the best that I have had in years - just fabulous!